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As a website owner, finding the right hosting plan to support your website can be an overwhelming task. With a wide range of hosting types to choose from with each claim to be better than the other, how do you determine which one will be the best for you? This is a crucial decision as the choice of the host will determine how your website performs in terms of availability, speed, etc. Today, we are going to talk about two such hosting types – Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting and compare their features to help you choose between them.

Dedicated Hosting Services

As the name suggests, in Dedicated Hosting services, your website resides on a physical web server with dedicated resources which are used only by you. You also have complete control over the configuration of the web server and the computing power.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Services

You can understand VPS Hosting as a mix of Shared hosting and Dedicated Hosting services. In VPS Hosting services, virtualization is used to divide a physical server into many virtual servers. Each virtual server is isolated and has dedicated resources. Your website is hosted on one such virtual server. Further, you can opt for Linux VPS Hosting or Windows VPS Hosting plans.

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting
VPS Hosting
Since your website resides on a dedicated, enterprise-grade web server, the hosting plan is costlier than most other hosting types.
As compared to Dedicated hosting plans, VPS Hosting plans are cheaper. This is because one web server is divided into several virtual servers and your website is hosted on one such virtual server.
In Dedicated hosting plans, your website is the only user on the physical server. Therefore, apart from all the commonly faced security threats, Dedicated Hosting plans are considered more secure than other hosting types.
In VPS Hosting, even though your hosting environment is isolated, the physical web server is shared. Therefore, if a virus/threat reaches the hypervisor level, then there is a possibility of it affecting your website too. Even though this does not normally happen and most providers take optimum security precautions, it is still a possibility.
Configuration Control
In Dedicated Hosting, you have complete control over all the aspects of the web server – both hardware as well as software. This also means that either you need to be a technical expert or hire the services of one even if it means additional costs.
In VPS Hosting, most providers offer root access but cannot offer complete control as compared to dedicated hosting since the physical web server houses several websites on virtual servers.
Comparing the performance of Dedicated and VPS Hosting depends on the configurations of the server. However, if we compare a dedicated hosting plan and a VPS Hosting plan with similar specifications, then a Dedicated hosting plan offers better performance than a VPS Hosting plan simply because it has completely dedicated resources.
In a nutshell, both Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting services offer certain advantages and have some disadvantages. Once you have listed down your website’s requirements, you can refer to the features listed above and check which hosting plan is better suited to you. Be sure about what you are signing up for and research well before finalizing. Good Luck!

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