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The online gaming industry has taken the world by storm. Boasting an already immense player base, this form of gaming is set to break records and shows no signs of slowing down.

There are a number of game developers that are working closely with selected online casinos. Each of them is trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to producing and developing the newest most exciting games. As an example, you can easily see the works of game developers at NetBet.

All of these new games have one thing in common. They are all trying to attract players' attention by any means possible. A few standout methods include the addition of more bonus games that allow players to venture off from the theme; this lets players enjoy a variant of the game they are playing which certainly adds a little spice to what would otherwise be a monotonous task.

Another way game developers are achieving this is by incorporating more symbols and paylines which certainly has a huge pull factor. The more paylines the more pay you are bound to receive.

New futuristic slots are here, so below are a few of the best to look out for.

Astro Legends

With its dark playing screen it lends itself to the empty blackness of space, and what space themed game would be complete without an extraterrestrial alien lurking somewhere in the dark. When you first look at the screen you will notice Lyra, a character who plays her instrument on the side of your reels.

It has 6 symbols which are amethyst, period, garnet and of course A, Q and K. The object is to get 5 or more symbols to match. What you really want is the pink symbol which signifies a 5x multiplier.

If you want to win big prizes you want see either the character Lyra spirit bonus or the Sonic respin to invoke the brilliant bonus features.

Reactor Slots

This is the brainchild of Red Tiger Gaming, who is one of the best game developing giants in scene. Reactor Slots is definitely one of the hippest games out there currently. With a name like this you will almost certainly be dealing with some sort of reactive substances which in this case vary between minerals, gems, shiny metals and of course the radioactive symbols.

The background is no doubt some sort of nuclear facility and the sounds played from the machine match the theme perfectly.

A really cool aspect of the game is the fact that winnings can be achieved from left to right, top to bottom, right to left or even bottom to top and all you have to do is get 3 or more matching symbols to win.

With a few ways to win free spins and 10x multiplier it’s no wonder this game is fast becoming a crowd favourite.


This is yet another addition to the future of online casino slot machines. Apart from the traditional symbols like bars, dollars, lemon, watermelon, cherry and the iconic 777 this slot boasts 7 reels and 50 paylines.

The Toxic Waste bonus game is triggered when you manage to land the radiation symbol in the middle, get another and you’re the bonus feature for good, having to break ice sheets and defeat the creature in order to secure your winnings.

The mere fact that Firestar has mind blowing graphics and couples this with nostalgic symbols that graced the first slot machines you are bound to have hours of fun with this one.

Keep your eyes open for new futuristic games as the developers try to best one another which is bound to come with great perks for us the gamers.
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