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A scrum master is someone who acts as a supreme facilitator for his agile development crew. Scrum is basically a substructure which is useful for supervising the tasks based on the knowledge on software development.  Basically, the key role of a scrum master is to act as a leader of a team who divides the tasks for the successful accomplishment of a project within a defined time-frame. The members of the team have to co-ordinate with each other and have to track the progress of the tasks accomplished by the others. Scrum master make sure that all the tasks are to be performed under the agile principles. Also, Scrum master is the one who decides how the processes are managed and through which procedures the information is exchanged.For more information about CSM Certification please visit our StarAgile website.

Role of a scrum master

Scrum is basically an analogy which has widely been accepted in the software development methodology and the tasks which are for the management of the projects. Each day the members of the team have an opportunity to take their output to a better level as the members usually involve themselves in a meeting before the beginning of a project. Scrum masters wouldn’t just govern the meeting but usually take reports on the works accomplished the day before, the problems faced by the members and the actions the team is going to perform the present day.  As the software development industry is blooming everywhere, it is a wise decision to build career in this domain.

For being a certified Scrum master, it is mandatory for you to enroll yourself in the CSM certification and the information regarding the same is spotlighted below. 

How to get the CSM training?

For being a certified scrum master, you need to enroll yourself in the training. The training is offered by starAgile. More details about the same are spotlighted below.

The training overview

You can enroll yourself in the sessions and there are many things that you can learn. The very first thing about the training is brief introduction to the Scrum Frameworks. Knowing the same is one of the best ways to start your journey towards a certified scrum professional. Next, you have to appear for an examination and get yourself certified.

Generally, the training sessions are conducted by the accredited CSM professionals during the CSM course. The learners are guided on how to organize and support a team. Post completing this course, you are expected to pass the CSM exam to avail your certification. 

Duration of the training

Generally, this training is provided within 2 to 3 days depending upon your previous knowledge, ability to motivate others and how good you are in leadership. 

Pattern of the exam and other information

The CSM exam has a total of 50 questions and you are expected to give correct answers of at least 37. The exams are conducted throughout the year. You can take the online exam immediately after the training. There are two attempts given to those who appear in this exam post which they have to enroll themselves in the training again. The certification will remain valid for a period of two years from the day it is awarded to you.

The objectives of the Scrum training course

This is one of the course that let you be a CSM. It clearly defines your ability for the following
  • Prepare and motivate a team for the accomplishment of a task
  • Helping the team in using the Scrum framework effectively
  • Act as a project leader and offer expertise 
CSM training is live classroom training. One of the key objectives of this course is to make sure that you can have the clear understanding of the Scrum methodologies

The benefits of getting CSM training

  • The CSM professionals always have the opportunity to work with the organizations with a tag of fame. They are responsible for defining the credibility of an organization and therefore they are the ones with a handsome earning. The average salary of a CSM is more than $100,000 per year
  • Only the certified professionals are deeply familiar with the principles of the Scrum and how they can be applied in the real world
  • Those with certification can clearly earn respect in the Agile community

Can you enroll yourself in this training anytime?

Yes, the same is possible. StarAgile provides many classroom sessions. The course is offered throughout the year and you can enroll yourself anytime you want without any restriction.

How CSM training is different?

The learners are free to express their ideas based on their experience. The training is globally acceptable and you are free to enroll yourself in the exam at any of the present location recognized. This training offers you comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding the latest trends in Scrum. The learners can clearly define their ability of setting up a project helping others and educating them on the Scrum cycle. You can simply make sure of new career opportunities in the industries you often focused to chase.

Once you obtain the certification, there are no hard and fix rules to start working in the workplaces. Currently the designation of a certified scrum master is on demand and the requirements of a scrum professional in management industry are largely expected to become almost 3 times in next 5 years.

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