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Everyone at least once in life dreams of being an Instagram star as it is the most trending social media platform nowadays. Well, nothing is impossible if you put the decent amount of efforts and to help you with that here are some useful strategies that you can follow and set the track of getting your first 250K followers. These tips are about doing it like Jessica Sorkin who is known as @thehandyj on Insta. This girl got famous for getting over 277,000 fans in just a blink.

6 Tips To Get Your First 250k Followers On Instagram

The content can be of any type, but the strategies for getting followers remain same. So if you want your brand to be well-known, you can connect you with these eight tips and see how it affects your followers counting.

·         You Need To Stay Consistent With The Theme

To be on the track of popularity, you need to find a theme for your account. The subject of your content signifies the theme. You may also need to perform some searches to see the most loved materials. Now, pick this as your theme and do not change it with time.

·         Consistency Is The Key

If you want regular followers, it is your responsibility to share or post the content daily. Make it at least once per day and share it on you Insta account. Followers always expect something new every day, and if they see nothing new coming then, you may lose fans.

·         Don't Forget To Use Catchy Hashtags

Once you found a theme and start posting content, attach Hashtags with every post. These Hashtags should relate to the category of your content. You can use 30 Hashtags per post, so use them all. To save you time, copy and paste them in a file and put every time you post new content. You might also want to learn about How To Send A Message On Instagram.

·         Make Use Of Geotagging

Geotag feature lets you add the places in the post, so the audience, who are searching for that place, will find your post and follow you. For example, posts related to coffee may use Starbucks as a Geotag and fans looking for Starbucks may follow you if they like your post.

·         Find The Perfect Timing To Post

It is the vital point because if you miss timing where your fans may read the post or memes, all your efforts fail. Look for the perfect timing where you can catch all your fans and make them read out your content. Have a look at the analytics, and in a short time, you will notice when your crowd comes online.

·         Share Captivating Posts

Try to make your content interesting as much as you can. Make the picture clear, caption it with some interesting or funny lines as per the type of your theme. Do not make a mess with ads or promos and focus on the quality and that way your fans will automatically promote your account because they share what is worthy.

Getting followers on any social platform does not come that easy. However, if you follow some wise techniques like those as mentioned above, you can get the work done with ease.

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