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Each Indian household is known for its affinity for card games. The most popular in the list is surely Rummy. Yet, even the most avid rummy players are not aware of some interesting facts regarding this game. We have just taken pains to list out some such interesting facts for your reference:

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rummy

Origin of this Game

Conquian, a Mexican Card Game, is regarded as the ancestral variation of the present rummy games. Variations of this game were taken to Spain and then to the United Kingdom. The Indian Rummy maybe regarded as a modification of Gin Rummy or Rummy 500 often played by the Britishers.

Now Available Online

To cater to the tech savvy generation, there are multiple options to play rummy online. Some of the pioneer of this industry like KhelPlay rummy & others has developed the amazing rummy app. for the game lovers.  Now play anywhere any time. So, wait no more! Click a few buttons and start playing your favourite Indian Rummy variation online.

The Unique Variations

In India, there are many variations of Rummy played in households. The most common variations are played with 13 cards or 21 cards. The main goal of any variation of Rummy Game is to make melds or sets. The first player to achieve this end is the winner of the game.

Why is it an Indian Favourite?

Indians are family lovers and thus games which can be played by most members of the family are loved. Rummy can be played between 2 to 7 members, thus making it a means of family recreation. The game requires one to understand simple rules and strategies. That is why people of all ages are welcome for a round of rummy.

Legal Ways to Play

Unlike many other card games that are counted as means of gambling, rummy is quite legal and amiable game. If you keep betting within limits, the game is thoroughly enjoyable.

The Nuances of the Cards

A good card player is sure to appreciate the nuances of each card used in the card game. The Js and Queens in each colour is pretty different. The uniqueness of these cards is a result of its origins. Initially card games were played using homemade cards which were designed artistically by painting.

A Picnic Pastime

Another reason why rummy is such a loved game is because it can be played anywhere with equal ease. If you are planning a picnic, carry your pack of cards and start playing rummy on the go.

How the game evolved over the years

The game has changed from the traditional setting of using handmade cards. After this, there was an era of printed plastic or paper cards. Now things have changed even more and digital cards have replaced the real cards.

An Awesome Stress Buster

There could never be a better way of getting rid of stress and emotional tension. A round of rummy acts as an excellent stress buster.

Sharpen Thinking Skills

Deciding the right strategies to defeat the opponent is a great way to polish your grey cells to perform better. This is sure another advantage of this marvellous card game.

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