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Apple gives you many kinds of advanced facilities for your devices that can be unmatched with the devices running on different platforms other than iOS. These features are very nice but sometimes we come face to face with some features that are only built for Apple devices and not for the devices running on Android or Windows. The operating system of Apple iOS devices comes loaded with many applications which we can use for free as well as pay for using it. Some apps are free but their functioning or products are paid. Keeping them aside, coming to our main focus the songs or music purchased on iTunes is only playable on Apple devices. Hmmm! That's not so good! We need a perfect solution for it. Tuneskit DRM Audio converter can match all the necessary requirements for converting a purchased audio file to playable audio file for every non-Apple devices.

TunesKit DRM Audio Converter

How it performs?

Every audio purchased file from iTunes in Apple devices is protected with DRM fair play security which resists media files like audios to be played on non-apple devices. To overcome this thing here is an amazing application by you can remove the DRM rights and make it a universally playable audio format. Yes, now you are free to use the file in your Android, Windows, BlackBerry etc devices. By using this software, you'll never notice any type of quality error or drop in your songs. An extra benefit is that this application has been designed by keeping all things in mind, you will notice that the user interface is made really very simpler and any technology beginner can easily use it because there are no difficult steps included in it which can make someone using the app confused.

Simplicity and accuracy are plus points for the application. The conversion speed of this application is 30x faster than other media file converters. Besides iTunes music, TunesKit DRM Audio converter also converts Apple purchased songs, audiobooks and common audio files which are unprotected (without DRM protection) to all popular audio formats MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, AAC etc. As the current version of software runs on the Mac OS which is very stable and good at performance, chances are very little that you will face any kind of problem-related to anything. Overall it can be concluded that TunesKit DRM Audio converter is a beast performance wise.

Customer Service 

The TunesKit company has a big network of helpers for getting you out of any technical issues or guides. The team works consistently for rapidly issuing fixes for various types of errors and updates for making the software system more better, stable and optimized. It has been seen that the customer care service providers respond to queries fast and solves them smartly. Their online FAQ center also sends best answers for any type of product error, inquiry, order, and refund policy.

On their website, you also get a guide for using the software which is also very helpful for customers. I generally didn’t require going through the guide because all stuff were clearly understandable to me but I think its very helpful for those who will face problem while using it.

Is it safe? 

The current version of TunesKit iTunes DRM converter is very safe and secure to be installed it in your personal computer. I have never faced any kind of technical issues in the system while using this software. There is a money back or refund service by which if the software after purchasing suffers some errors or it is not running then you get your all money refunded which is a plus factor telling that the application is very safe.

How to Convert DRM and non-DRM Audios

First Download and Install TunesKit audio converter tool on your Mac. Please check below step by step guide for using iTunes DRM Audio Converter for Mac free.

Step 1: Add DRM-ed or non-DRM Audios to TunesKit Audio Converter as Shown in below pictures.

TunesKit DRM Audio Converter

Step 2: Set Output Format and Other Settings as your requirement as Shown in below pictures.
TunesKit DRM Audio Converter

Step 3: Convert DRM-ed or non-DRM Audios to Common Formats as Shown in below pictures.

TunesKit DRM Audio Converter

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