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With the breakthrough of technology in business, it has become both easier as well as challenging for business owners to keep their business up-to-date with technologies. Having said that, with the introduction of Revel POS in 2010, most of the businesses witnessed a great change the way they used to handle their accounts.Not only this system, but social media also proved to be a major player in connecting consumers with business in more personalized way.

As we have entered the digital age, it is becoming a necessity of life rather than choice. Similarly, the businesses opt for digital system whether it is advertising their product or monitoring their monthly sales. Given the above mentioned facts, today, we are going to analyze how Revel POS is beneficial for your business.

Revel Being the Right POS System:

POS system has been there for business from the last few years. With the introduction of Merchant Account Solutions mostly business choose to replace their existing sales system to this technology. However, it has not been successful for many of the owners, mainly, because they did not choose the right system. The questions such as how a business will operate during transition or how to manage inventory and much more important questions are satisfied by the Revel POS system.

Complete Solution to Your Business:

Revel POS system works with iPad which gives complete businesssolution. This system is designed to cater all the possible challenges that a business can face such as intelligent reporting, inventory management and open API and is easily controlled by a mobile device or web browser.

A User Friendly Accounts Solutions:

One of the benefits of opting for a Revel system is that it is user friendly. Your staff does not have to spend too much time in learning how to operate this system. Not only that it is easy to learn, but also it enables your staff to work more quickly and efficiently during transitions. With its features such as Touch Screen and Easy Checkoutit ensures the whole process, from customer order to payment, goes quickly and smoothly.

It Comes withComplementary Hardware:

Revel iPad system is a complete accounts solution which does only makes software efficient also offers other associated hardware apart from iPad acting as a main POS terminal for business. This includes receipt printer, cash drawer and card swipe. Moreover, there is also Revel Ethernet Connect cable that connects to iPads running Revel software.It also allows customized sale solutions which integrates with third party providers for payment for example, FirstData, LevelUp, Mercury Payments, and PayPal.

Social Media Integration:

With the rising popularity of social media in business, Revel POS has integrated Facebook and Twitter to enhance customer engagement and increase sales. Companies like Shopify and Zuppler have provided online ordering options to this system. This whole integrated process encourages the quick ordering and increased sales of a business.

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