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Making money from ads is one way to generate income with your website. However, this can be tricky when you consider that Google controls most of the ads online. This means that if you want to make money from online ads, you have to deal with Google’s standards. Not only that, but profit from visual ads have dwindled in the past few years and you may never know how much you’ll make tomorrow. But instead of trying to make money from ads, have you considered a membership website?
Making Money from Ads, Have You Considered a Membership Website?

You Protect Your Intellectual Property

One benefit of putting content behind a paywall is that you’re protecting your intellectual property. Forget creating an ebook and trying to promote it on your blog. Create a members’ only website and post it chapter by chapter on the site. It is harder for someone to steal your content when it is posted in pieces compared to saving that ebook download and putting it on a file sharing service. And putting your content behind a paywall prevents it from being scraped by plagiarists who often scrape the entire article before posting it elsewhere.
A side benefit of setting up a membership only website is that you’ve limited the number of people who could potentially steal the content.

You Enhance Your Reputation

By having a membership only website, you stand out as more serious than the person who simply has a blog on the topic. And if you’re willing to answer questions in detail on the membership only website because the content is controlled and protected, you’ll prove to members that you’re a true expert. They’ll discuss this online and in person away from the site while giving others a reason to join. And if you want to promote your seminars or books on your membership site, you can always do so.

You Have Less Work than Other Monetization Efforts

If you create a membership site, you’ll find that it takes less effort over the long term than setting up an email list and maintaining a newsletter. However, you’ll be able to post the content once and let it be read by people as they come in.

As members comment on the work and interact with each other, they’re creating value for the other members without any work on your part. Note that you should be engaged with the members, answering their questions and responding to comments. This is a low-cost way to connect with your followers, but you don’t have to spend nearly as much time doing it on your controlled forum as you would if trying to do the same across half a dozen social media platforms with ten times as many casual critics.

Selling Products Google Doesn’t Like? Doesn’t Matter

Google will demonetize any product that they seem inappropriate. That could be anything from health supplements, online marketing programs that they consider “get rich quick” schemes, or any financial services that qualifies as predatory in their book. If you have a membership only site, you don’t have to worry about your site being buried by the search engine and flagged as inappropriate for general searchers as long as the SEO for the main landing page doesn’t run afoul of Google’s restrictions.

If you aren’t selling anything except the memberships, you’ll still gain a source of steady passive income.

Affiliate Links Don’t Hurt You

Search engines penalize websites that are thin on content, duplicate content and heavy on affiliate links. If your content discussing the pros and cons of various products or comparing different products is heavy on affiliate links, it will be classified as spam and downgraded by search engines unless it is hidden behind a paywall. Note that you’ll still be legally obligated to tell people if you’re paid to promote a product or earn money off the referral link.

Create a Loyal Following

Another great aspect of membership sites is that you’ll build a solid base of loyal and paying (emphasis here on paying) customers that you can easily access. Not only that, but most membership sites will ask that you join their newsletter, so this way, you’ll be able to build an opt in list fast. Not only that, but you’ll know that they’ll be more receptive to offers since they already opted in by paying for their membership.

Membership websites have many advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only that, but you can also make revenue from memberships while still collecting money from ads.

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