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One of the problems that plague content marketing is the confusion between SEO and content marketing. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find articles online with headlines such as, “content marketing is now better than SEO.” However, the truth is that the two are interlinked, and SEO is all about content marketing. Delinking the two is essentially missing the whole point about internet marketing and how to do it successfully. To give you a better insight on this, let’s look at 3 reasons why SEO is all about content and relevance. 

1. SEO can’t work without content

For a web page to rank well on search engines, there have to be lots of content related to it on the internet. Such content whether spun or natural is what optimizes traffic to a website.  The whole point of such content is to give readers information related to what they are looking for and convert them into clients.   The more relevant the content is to what people are looking for on the internet, the more successful SEO activities will be. That’s why it is impossible to do SEO successfully without good quality content, content that is relevant to the needs of your target clientele.

2. SEO requires keywords

Even the best in the SEO industry such as Miami SEO will tell you that the difference between success and failure in SEO is in the usage of keywords. The more relevant the keywords, the higher the chances that your website will rank well. To make use of keywords, you have to generate good content that is relevant to the needs of the target market. In fact, most search engines such as Google now have an algorithm that ranks content with spammed keywords lowly. The algorithm checks not just for the presence of keywords in content, but how natural they appear in trying to convey information to web visitors.  In essence, to rank well on search engines and consider your SEO activities successful, you have to ensure that you have as much content as possible on the internet that has relevant keywords.

3. Relevant content brings about Social validation

There is lots of content online that people read and quickly forget about, even though it is related to what they are looking for.  That’s because such content doesn’t trigger them to engage with it further. However, if the content is well written and engages with the reader at an emotional level, they are likely to interact with it more than once. They are also likely to share it on social media platforms where an even wider audience gets to interact with it.  This is what is known as social validation and plays a role in improving the ranking of a web page on search engines. Isn’t that the whole essence of SEO, to rank a page higher than competitors? The fact that creating an emotional connection with readers can help improve page ranking is proof enough that SEO is all about content and relevance.

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