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It’s Christmas time! The best part of the year as you gets to enjoy those holidays with lots of cheer and loads of fun. Christmas is also the time to really do that shop-till-you-drop kind of shopping. Exclusive offers, great discounts and with interesting giveaways, you can’t get any better than this. Also, with the Christmas fervor and an eclectic mood all around, there are many interesting things you could do to make yourself happy and also bring a smile on someone’s face.

So, what’s waiting? Let’s dive in and explore some really interesting ways to make this Christmas an awesome and memorable one.

1. Decorate the Christmas tree: Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, bring a small fake Christmas tree and let the little ones in the family enjoy decorating it. Embellish the tree with lovely ornate bells, candies, glittering balls, stars etc.

      2. Make-own-card to someone beloved: A handmade card with lovely words speaks a lot about you than an expensive gift. Make a card for your beloved ones, and write those messages telling how important they are in your life; see the magic unravel and rejoice in the feeling.

3. Be a Santa to someone in need: The essence of Christmas lies in giving and sharing. Make donations to people who need them the most. Whether it is food, toys, clothes or books - spread the joy to Christmas to one and all.

4. Play rummy with a faraway friend/ family member: If any of your beloved ones or a dear friend lives far away and feeling lonely this Christmas, bring a smile on their face. Invite them to play rummy online with you and make it a moment worth cherishing. This is indeed a fabulous time of the year when popular rummy sites have amazing and exciting promotions -just like being a Santa filling joyous moments in your life. Make the most use of these promotions and relish a truly awesome time with your near and dear ones.

5. Go singing Christmas Carols: And if you are the one who enjoys singing, then be a part of the carol singing groups walking house to house singing Christmas carols and invoke love and blessings for everyone.

6. Bake and treat: Christmas time is when the home is filled with the aroma of baked treats - cakes and cookies. Bake yummy cakes and cookies and send gift hampers to your beloved ones with these homemade delicious goodies.

7. Invite friends over dinner: An elaborate dinner with the choicest dishes is simply irresistible. Invite your friends and relatives to dinner and enjoy the fun as they save our your sumptuous elaborate spread.

8. Drive around with your family and friends: During Christmas times, with the commercial establishments all lit up with Christmas lights, it is indeed a great way to drive around your place with your friends or family. Not to mention, doing some window shopping you may indulge in too!

Merry Christmas!

Well, a cookie that you bake or a card that you make or even a rummy card game that you play with a friend - all are aimed at bringing happiness to someone. Merry Christmas!

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