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Most small business owners get butterflies in their stomach whenever SEO is mentioned. SEO basically refers to refining a website to make it rank high in search engine results. What most people don’t understand is that it takes a while for a website to appear in the first pages of search engines. This is because there is stiff competition among businesses. The good thing is that the playing field is leveled for everyone. But SEO doesn’t end when your website is ranked high. The rankings actually change every day. SEO should, therefore, be a continuous process. Below are important tips that can give you an edge when using SEO to promote your small business.

1. Use Google Keyword Tool

When looking for keywords, you should use Google Keyword Tool. The good thing is that the tool is available for free. When you key in the phrase that you are interested in, the tool will generate a comprehensive report showing the number of people that use it in the search engines every month. The report can be filtered to only show unique visitors in a specific geographical location.

Moreover, it shows you related keywords that have both high and low competition. If you opt for keywords that have high traffic, you will reduce your chances of attracting potential visitors. This is because you will be competing with high authority sites that have already made a name for themselves. As a small business owner, it’s recommended you opt for keywords that have few visitors. This will increase your chances of getting more traffic.

2. Create Compelling Content

The quality of your content is what will keep people coming to your site. This is because people like sharing great content with friends. Your content should tell people that you are knowledgeable in your area of expertise. This will make your visitors feel they have come to the right place and want to hang around more often. You should, therefore, ensure that your content is backed by solid facts. This means that you have to do thorough research before you write anything because your visitors will judge you based on the quality of your posts. Even the search engines give the first priority to content that’s clearly outlined and free from fluff.

3. Use Anchor Text

Anchor text is used to take people to your website. As a matter of fact, no one will visit your site unless you invite them using anchor text. An anchor text is a sentence or a phrase that contains the URL of your website. When readers click on anchor text, they are immediately redirected to your website. Examples of anchor text include clicking here, for more details and so much more. They come in handy when you are writing a guest post or sharing your content on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. Hire an SEO Agency

If you have a tight schedule, you may not have the time to work on your website’s SEO. The good thing is that there are many online marketing agencies that are able to handle SEO for a small business. As a matter of fact, their rates are very affordable. However, you should opt for a company that understands your business. This will help in ensuring that they are able to cope with indexing issues.

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