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WP Sweep WordPress Plugins: In case you're using WordPress for some time, then there's a great likelihood that you want to clean up your WordPress website. Doing regular wash ups permit you to cut back your database size that means faster and smaller backup documents. In the following guide, we'll explain to you how you can clean WordPress database up.

WP Sweep WordPress Plugins

Every blogger faced many problems with a database such as Error connecting database, My WordPress site is too slow etc. How many times have you ever faced exactly the same problem as seen or above WordPress users whining about these difficulties? There may be numerous reasons for the aforementioned problem & among these is that the database of your WordPress site.

Before Deleted, Make a Backup!

Before you do anything else, first produce a complete WordPress copy of your website. Changes created by the wash-up plug are irreversible. Though it doesn't immediately mess with your articles or opinions, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

WP-Sweep Features

This plugin cleans up:
  • Revisions
  • Auto-drafts
  • Deleted comments
  • Spammed comments
  • Unapproved comments
  • Orphaned comment meta
  • Orphaned user meta
  • Orphaned post meta
  • Orphan term relationships
  • Orphaned term meta
  • Duplicated post meta
  • Duplicated comment meta
  • Duplicated term meta
  • Duplicated user meta
  • Transient options
  • Optimizes database tables
  • oEmbed caches in post meta

WP-Sweep delete functions

This plugin used following functions for handled database MySQL queries. This plugin created by Freepik from Flaticon.
  • wp_delete_post()
  • wp_delete_post_revision()
  • wp_delete_comment()
  • delete_comment_meta()
  • delete_post_meta()
  • delete_term_meta()
  • delete_user_meta()
  • wp_delete_term()
  • wp_remove_object_terms()
  • delete_site_transient()
  • wp_delete_term()

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