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What would you feel when you wake up in the morning and see that you cannot log into your computer because of a hard drive failure? You would instantly start worrying about the data that you have stored in it.

Most of us don’t tend to get hold of regular backups of our data. As a result, we have to deal with a lot of frustration during such an unexpected situation. What if I tell you that there is free data recovery software available to get you out of frustrating in such a situation? Yes, it exists and the solution is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is one of the best tools used by people for hard drive recovery.

You don’t need to be a technical expert in order to use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and enjoy all the benefits delivered by it. Any person can try out this as a DIY tool. You just need to go through three simple steps to initiate the recovery process and get hold of the files that you have lost.

The three step process promoted by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard includes:

·         Launching the application – First of all, you will have to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the official website and install it. You don’t need to install the recovery software on the same computer that you have issues with. You can install it in any working computer and plug in the hard drive, where you need to be recovered.

·         Scan – After you launch the application, you can simply go ahead and initiate the hard drive recovery process. The scanning process is quick and responsive. It would list down all the files that can be recovered from your hard drive or storage media selected.

·         Recover – Now you come to the last step, which is about recovering the deleted files. This free data recovery software even allows the ability to preview the files that you can recover. This will keep you away from recovering the files that you don’t want to be recovered. In other words, you can only select the files that you need and save your precious time and effort.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be used to recover many different types of files from your computer. In fact, it is capable of recovering all the essential files that you would find useful. Therefore, you can entirely depend on this free data recovery software.

Hard drive recovery should never be a pain. You just need to get hold of the right tool in order to get back the files that you have deleted. Now you are aware of the best tool that you can use in order to get back the deleted files. Hence, you don’t need to go ahead and search for the best hard drive recovery tool from the market. You just need to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and it would do the magic by helping you to save your time and money as well. 

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