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Professional Blogger always make some secrets in his articles. Of course, it depends on study how you are knowledgeable. But you can’t believe these acts as ladder for them to popularize their post.

15 Secrets of A Professional Blogger

What is the point in reading if there are no secrets?

Any online article that says it is telling you secrets are actually telling you lies. A secret is not something you post onto the biggest communication device since–well, since ever. So, here is the deal. Below are fifteen mistakes that you may make as a content writer. If you can avoid these mistakes then some of the “secrets” of content writing may materialize through your own hard work. Sound good?

Mistake 1 – Not keeping going through one poor effort to the next

You are going to create crappy content on a regular occasion until you get good at what you do, so just keep going and push through.

Mistake 2 – Listening to every stupid SEO rule

Do this and you will end up jumping through invisible hoops. Just write content that is good for the reader to read and let the client worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Mistake 3 – Believing that the client knows best every time

Most of your clients cannot find their ass with the spindly things that protrude from their wrists. Take criticism under advisement, but remember that the world is full of stupid people and many of them call themselves your customers.

Mistake 4 – Writing in perfect English when High School level will do

Google says it wants high quality content, but what it wants is high school level at best.

Mistake 5 – Not having a voice!

Regurgitating information is not writing. You need a style and a voice to make your writing more engaging.

Mistake 6 – Fluffing content and/or creating flimsy content

Adding words and parts of a sentence in order to meet the word count will lower the quality of your work.

Mistake 7 – Spinning content

This is done manually or with a spinning tool. It is the fastest way to create low quality content.

Mistake 8 – Not learning how to ensure you are paid!

You need to find ways of making sure you are paid. In the early days you need to find ways of getting paying into some sort of escrow system.

Mistake 9 – Working for too little money

People will demand that they only pay you some amount per day and will demand perfect writing in return. Do not fall for it, even if you are a novice. Instead of that there are too many things from where blogger can get money.

Mistake 10 – Not following the client’s instructions to the letter

Do this and you set yourself up for a lot of problems in the future.

Mistake 11 – Writing the wrong facts/things

Inaccurate content for the sake of having content is going to lower your value as a writer. The more accurate you are then the more they will rehire you.

Mistake 12 – Not improving your writing skills as time goes on

The goal is to keep getting better so that you can earn more money. Do not do this and you will stagnate.

Mistake 13 – Not using online tools to help you

Check the differences between your content and the content you just wrote, use a variety of grammar checkers, try out list randomizers, look into how Copyscape works, and even use spinning tools to help you build a varied vocabulary into your work (though do not keep the spun version, just use it for inspiration).

Mistake 14 – Doing large projects and not asking for partial payments throughout

It may look enticing when you are offered a lot of money for a large project, but it is the fastest way to be ripped off. Get them to pay you as you complete small chunks of the project a bit at a time. If they refuse then they are probably up to no good.

Mistake 15 – The something or nothing

Ready for the big secret? It was saved for the end for the troopers who bothered to read this far. The secret is to find ways every week to improve your writing skills, speed, and vocabulary, researching skills, syntax and written voice.

Obviously, you do not have to work on each element every week, just one out of the list per week, but it has to be a sustained effort of improvement.

 Furthermore, every single article you write should be done with a plan. Write a short bullet point plan detailing the points/opinions/facts you are going to mention in your article.

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