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Advancement in technology leaves major impact on every industry, education industry does not remain untouched. Even each segment of education industry highly influenced by technology. If we talk about competitive exams, then technology has transformed the whole procedure of exams. Now, technology has connected the whole education system virtually and increased transparency and security of the system. Competitive exams  play a very important role in every student’s life as this is a question of their future. So, it is very necessary to protect their intelligence and give them complete transparency with results. That can be only possible with the technology.

 Those days have gone when  giving multiple choice exams like JEE advanced exam, NIFT entrance test, etc. You have to enter the answers by tick of a paper that was risky if the paper tear away or your pen does notwork properly. Now, everything has gone online you just have to click on the right answers that stored virtually in the online system. Some of the major changes that have took place with the help of technology are as following:

Provide easy to access study material

Technology, blessed students by availing study material easily. Yes, students no more have to dig their eyes in thick books, which are really hard to carry. Now, all courses study material is available online , mobile application, software, etc. You can also learn from online lecturers, solve your problems by asking questions to industry vetrans online. Other then these you give mock test for competitive exams like JEE advanced exam, NIFT entrance test, etc. Which will help you  increase your speed and ability to get highest marks in the exams.

Increased transparency of the system

In the past, everyone have some doubts on the education system how it works? How students’ copies were checked? Had teachers given right marks or not? So, now everything has become transperant in competitive exams. You can calculate your marks as the software shows how many questions you have attempted and also give an idea of how many marks you can get for a particular answers, and with this you can easily guess your results.

Exam procedure becomes automated and secure

Now, exam procedure has become completely automated. you can get notified when exam form submission date has announced, you get notified when exam date gets declared, even with online counselling you don’t have to stand in a line for hours. If we talk about security, then it is more secure than ever for hadling student’s personal data security.

Give exposure to students

Technology gives ultimate exposure to students as now if a student gets highest mark who belongs from a small village will be known by whole country. This exposure also helps students to get protected from injustice or exploitation.

These are few points that show how technology has changed the way of working of education system and competitive exams procedure. And, also help students in every way to get the best knowledge from the world.

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