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Losing our important data is a common problem these days the cause can be any we deleted the files by accident, the files are now inaccessible or any other major cause. Studies have shown that 46% of the individuals have lost their important data during the last 10 years.

50% of the data is lost every 5 years because the hard disk is corrupted or died. This lost data consists of the 36% of the financial and confidential information and 72% is the business related data that is lost within 24 months. The statistics of data loss are different around the world and they reach from 0.2% to 25.5%.

free recovery software

So considering that people are in severe need of software that will help them recover data from any source like the PC, laptops or the removable devices the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free was developed.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

In this era of technology, this best data recovery software is the thing that has happened to people around the world. It will easily recover any kind of your data with the deep scan. You do not have to worry about the waste of time as all the process will be accomplished within a matter of seconds.
It has been developed with such innovation that it will support all kinds of files and can deal with various sorts of data loss situations. It will also provide you with a preview of the files that you want before they are recovered.


The procedure of recovery is quick and only a three-step process that you can accomplish as:


To recover the data you will have to launch the software and select the type of data you want to recover and location of data recovery.


It will deep scan the device of all the files that you want to recover. The scan will take place before the export and import of the files.


Once you have selected the files and the data that you want back on your device, all that data will be recovered with a blink of an eye.

Free recovery situations

The data can be lost from any folder or drive. So following are the data recovery situations that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can help you to deal with:


The common data recovery works to recover the data that is lost due to:

      ·        Deleted, formatted or partition lost
      ·         Lost due to hard drive damage
      ·         Viral attack
      ·         Operating system crash or error

Recovery from diverse storage devices:

Apart from these easy sites, there are also some difficult sites from where you have to recover data. Our software can also deal with them easily and they include:
  •              Data recovery from internal and external hard drive
  •              USB and memory card recovery
  •              Camera and phone data recovery
  •               Many more
Therefore, we can simply say that name the device or the source that you want the data to be recovered from and the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free will do the task for you with ease.  

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