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 Sales and Marketing
SMS messaging is not only for students and teenagers. More and more businesses today use text message marketing as way of communication with their consumers. As a result, it is fully crushing any other form of mobile marketing as well.

In such instances, if you are also considering using Bulk SMS to reach out to target audience and looking for ideas on how to get started, then here are top ways that can spark your mobile centric sales and marketing campaign:

Event based messaging: This is very useful if you are hosting an important event, or you are a part of a popular trade show. Ask for the phone number of attendees and send Bulk SMS with event based details like quotes from popular presents, speakers of the event etc.

Coupons: It is a great example of an exclusive incentive for being a text message subscriber, you can send out coupon codes that receiver can use in your online store (or somewhere else like an eatery joint or a café).

Surveys: You can use surveys as follow-ups to your last sale or other consumer interaction. You can send these in an automated manner and encourage all your consumers to share their thoughts on your brand. You can use the information to improve your services. 

Votes: Voting is another effective way to get lots of new phone numbers, especially if it is a recent topic that is creating news. Like, you can ask people to text whether they agree or disagree with a particular issue.

Contests: If you dont have an updated list of phone numbers, a contest is an effective way to get one. Provide a special offer, a free product or some other type of giveaway; Allow entry only when a user texts a particular message to your number. The content will create attention for your brand, and provide more numbers to send SMS in the future. 

Unannounced sales: An effective way to promote brand loyalty is to give your consumers something to which other people don't have access. You can send texts about unannounced deals, sales and offers. It will make the recipient feel special and give them a boost to continue using your services. 
Tips and tricks: You can use mobile messaging as a platform for a small content marketing campaign. Like, you can send short tip of the day type of comments, or weekly tricks related to your business. You can also give link to longer pieces of content or video that you want to promote. 
Signup requests: Are you looking for ways to get people sign up for a free trial of your new software or you are building an email list? If you have details of your clients or prospective customers phone numbers, you can use this to Transactional SMS them the signup details. You can also include a call to action. 

These ideas are not the only possible options; use your creative imagination to come up with some of your own and you can simply implement them via SMS API. The key aim is to reach your consumers with a great message but in a more convenient and effective way. 

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