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It’s hard to find an eCommerce entrepreneur, who wouldn’t dream of turning his online store into a giant source of profit. As Laozi said, a journey of a thousand li starts with a single step. In this article we will tell you about 5 first steps to be taken to increase the profits of your Magento store. You can follow them in the consecutive order or work on all parts of your store simultaneously, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should return to these pieces of advice regularly and check whether your store still meets all the high standards set.

Magento store into a golden mine

Step 1 – First Impression

Remember, you can’t make a second first impression, so it’s highly important to trace all the latest UX and Design trends and make sure your store has all it takes to win customers’ hearts once and forever. According to the statistics, 72% of the customers make their impression about the online store in the first 5 seconds, so design of your store should be top-notch.
Internet offers a great range of Magento themes both free and fee-based. In case all of them are not good enough for you, you can always order a custom Magento theme. This might cost you a bit more, but this way you can be sure you are the one and only who has this theme. 

Step 2 – Go fast

Another Achilles' heel of any Magento store is the speed. Remember, in the Internet nobody is going to wait for you, so it should be one of your primary interests to make you Magento store load as fast as possible. There are a number of ways to do this. One of the most efficient ones is to employ special Magento extensions for this. Take your utmost from the cache of your store and make your customers perfectly happy. 

Step 3 – SEO optimization

In eCommerce 90% of your success depends on how many people know about you. Professional SEO optimization is a must-have thing for any Magento store that seeks audience increase. Start with proper use of keywords, meta descriptions and referral links. And don’t forget to make sure you store doesn’t have duplicate content – main killer of good SEO. Unique Product URL is a great helper in this kind of thing. It lets search engines properly index your URLs as well as offers a convenient tool for the management of Categories Path to the Product. It not only solves the problem of having multiple URLs, but also prevents its emergence in future. 

Step 4 – Unique products

Another thing no online store can do without are unique products to be offered. If you cannot provide your customers with unique goods or services, at least try to make the range of the products offered as wide as possible. Find a way for your store to stand out from the crowd and don’t forget to deliver this message to the customer.
Another good solution is offering bundles on special prices, which can’t but attract customers who are seeking to save a penny or two.

Step 5 – Customer service is above all

The thing that all the shopping is done virtually doesn’t refuse the fact that customer service is above all. Make sure you have a good support team, who is eager to help each and every customer. If you offer delivery services, make sure all the goods are sent in time and in case your customers have any problems, don’t make them wait long for you to answer. Otherwise you might lose their loyalty and never win it back. At the same time good customer support might turn even a negative experience into a good one and turn a customer in to a returning one. So don’t be afraid to admit your fault and offer a small discount on future purchases.

We hope these 5 steps will help you to find your own way to increasing profits of your Magento store.

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