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Are you secretly afraid of understanding the large volumes of data and then reporting it to the various types of audiences within and outside the organization?  The rapid and wide flow of data is going to get bigger and will generate 50 times the volume it generated in 2011, as predicted by IDC. Every operation you perform in your organization is soon going to be data-driven, and all of us would require meticulous data literacy.
Reporting with Tableau is Fun

Regardless of whether you are a Software developer, Data Analyst or a Testing professional, it's essential to understand data and implement and present information through several stunning visuals, graphs, reports in the socioeconomic panorama. Nonetheless, not everyone has that analytical mind since some individuals are more creative than applying logics and mathematics. This is the section of people in the organization who elope from the burdens of data analytics and reporting

But now things have become interesting for both creative and analytical brains with the very inception of a phenomenal data visualization tool - Tableau. Pioneering into the market of Business Intelligence, Tableau is likely the most preferred choice of business users to explore data, perform drag and drop operations and create the most beautiful visualizations and dashboards at an excellent speed. It connects to almost any database and share with just a click

Together with reporting and dashboarding, Tableauprovides ad hoc analysis, data discovery, online analytical processing (OLAP), spreadsheet integration and other analytic functions. The best part about learning and working with this BI visualization platform is that it is remarkably easy-to-understand and simple-to-implement by those non-technical, non-analytical minds to produce wonderful charts and graphs.

As we say technology never ceases to grow and expand, Tableau is a terrific example here. It has progressed superbly, and the company has launched a novel 9.2 version with data research and preparation improvements, advanced security features, excellent customization options and an iPhone app feature, employing its potential to the world of smartphones. The map customization feature is incredibly fascinating and serves as a storyteller while you present your data to all types of audiences.

Further, the Geolocation feature is yet another significant advancement in map technology as you just need to tap on the Tableau map in the browser or Tableau iPad app and align your phone maps around your current location. It has offered new ways to set permissions and seamless data access with revised response time.

The demand for tableau experts in multinational companies is growing exponentially as Gartner places it on top in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform, 2015. Most multinational enterprises and even small businesses are adopting Tableau for faster, smarter and easier data analysis. They are focused on hiring experts and encouraging employees to enroll for Tableau Training such that they gain better insights into the tool, its installation and produce data-intelligent and brilliant visuals for clients and customers.

Intellipaat is the leading institute to provide tableau training for helping professional to get certified from Tableau. The current market is in dire need of consultants and experts in this BI and data visualization tool. The demand is more, but supply is less. It is indeed an excellent learning platform to start over your career as a Business Intelligence Expert and Data Analyst.

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