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Have fun, make money & sharpen your Rummy Skills with RummyCircle: India is a land of diversity with so many cultures, traditions, festivals, food and we would be lying to ourselves if we say that we do not enjoy that diversity :) Speaking about festivals, it has just been couple of weeks back that we witnessed the festival of lights - Diwali. One thing which we always wish during festivals is "What if we had thoda zyada [or more] money or happiness"
There is always a solution round the corner where you can get something extra to boost your celebrations. No, we are not referring to those part-time typing jobs but about the ancient card game - Rummy. Things have moved online & so is the game of Rummy at RummyCircle

There are plenty of awesome reasons to play Rummy on RummyCircle, so let's look at them:

Simple, Elegant & Soothing Design

Rummy is a simple game but with lots of Twists & Turns. Online Rummy adds more flavor of interest if the game is designed in an elegant & simplistic manner. RummyCircle abides to all those design rules & makes playing Rummy on their platform an absolute delight :) The cards are evenly placed which minimizes the chances of committing a mistake.

Learn from mistakes & Sharpen your Rummy Skills

Remember the time when you started learning to drive a bi-cycle? You fell down couple of times after which you were able to get the balance right. Learning is a constant process & you only learn when you make 'un-intentional' mistakes. On RummyCircle, you have ample number of chances to sharpen your Rummy skills by playing practice Rummy games before you join the bandwagon to play with real players. Also you can learn rummy rules from website.

At least on their platform, you do not pay any penalty to commit mistakes :)

Joining Bonus

Bonus, the word would have brought 'ringing' in your ears :) If you deposit Rs 500 in your Rummy Circle account, you get bonus of Rs.500. This is wonderful since without playing a single game, you have an opportunity to earn Rs. 500.

Make money playing Rummy tournaments

Once you are done playing practice games on RummyCircle than you can confidently start playing Rummy with other Rummy players on RummyCircle. You stand a chance to win huge cash & with the New Year approaching, you can expect some exciting tournaments on RummyCircle. Along with cash, there will be an opportunity to enter into their esteemed club of Rummy Players also termed as 'Rummy Stars'. RummyStars get an exclusive platform to express their thoughts on how to improve skills& would be provided a dedicated page on RummyCircle.

So, win cash by playing their tournaments & earn the coveted title by playing an awesome game of Rummy :)

Get hooked on-to Rummy with Rummy Mobile

You would be definitely thinking that what if I want to play Rummy while I am away from my computer or when I am on the move. Worry not, RummyCircle is available on the Play Store & it can be downloaded from here If you have a Feature phone or an iOS device, than you can play Rummy on RummyCircle Mobile

Playing multi-player games on mobile is always intriguing & same was the case with RummyCircle. The experience was awesome & there was zero lag in the game-play.
So, if you are a Indian Rummy lover & miss playing Rummy, than you should definitely try RummyCircle. To sum it up, RummyCircle = [Bonus + Mastering Rummy + Cash Prize].

Why wait... when an awesome money making opportunity is knocking your door :)

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