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We are often flooded with SEO and online marketing packages disguised under the word “standardized”. Try to avoid them at all cost. They not only waste your efforts and money but can also negatively impact your website in future.

Whenever you are considering whether to hire a SEO company, ensure they have a proven track record, are transparent, and offer both custom and long-term planning.

Several Signs You May Be Dealing With a Scam Offer For SEO Services

 1.     Bundled or pre-packaged solutions for SEO.

It is no longer viable for your business to rely on pre-packaged SEO solutions these days. Some 15 to 20 years ago, it was possible to create a ton of links pointing to your website from a countless number of other sites and secure permanent results. Although some SEO agencies with dubious reputation still offer these services in the form of a pre-packaged solution, be mindful of the potential problems this may result in.

- Unqualified leads: Website traffic varies in nature. Pre-packaged solutions for SEO eliminate a very important aspect of the SEO process that distinguishes a professional from an amateur. A SEO agency should have the freedom to observe and introduce changes to the online marketing strategy of its client to increase the number of people visiting a site and boost sales.

- Short-time results: If the websites creating links to yours are also pointing to countless other websites, Google eventually with discover the unnatural link building strategy and lower the rank (penalize) your website.

- Blacklisting a site: If you have already opted for a pre-packed long-term SEO solution, the chance is even greater that Google will penalize your website by blacklisting it so it doesn’t even appear in searches.

2.     Manual submission and related services.

Paying for submission services is a great way to have your website published to articles networks, directories and search engines. It is vital that the SEO service you sign up with provides high-quality content and market strategies and allows you to secure links from other people. A very good option is also to add a blog, which will help you build authority. Conduct the research, think strategically and combine your tactics into a sound plan.

3.     Guaranteed position on the first page of search results.

This is usually the most obvious scam. Nobody can guarantee such results, especially when a competitor has his own strategy in place for the very same keywords. Nobody knowns the winner from such a bidding war.

A technical audit of your site is often the best way to secure first-page rankings. Using tools like SEM Rush and the Google Keyword Planner, you can even do it yourself. Online tools such as these will help you spot the pages that perform the best.

Ensure that you review the following points:

- keywords, tags, websites structure, internal links and other on-page factors

- having duplicate content on your website

- pages competing for the same keywords

- the external link profile of both you and your competitors

Whenever you decide to enter into a new relationship with a reputable SEO Canada company, you have to understand that long-lasting results and first-page rankings come slowly and after a considerable effort.

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