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You're not new to the idea of blogging. You read them all the time. But now you're venturing out in the world wide web with your own blog. This isn't an online journal, though. You've seen all the headlines about making money with your blog. You're hoping one day to make enough to quit your day job.

But there are so many rules and things to remember. How do you know what you should do or where to start? Take a deep breath and remember the excitement and drive you were filled with when you came up with the idea to start your blog. If you keep these four things in mind, you'll be less stressed and gain more readers over time.

Write Conversationally

Blogs aren't like high school essays. Formal language is rarely needed unless you're describing something very technical. By using a conversational tone, you're sharing information in a much more relaxed way so that it's easy to read and digest. If you write similarly to the way you speak, you'll come across as more engaging and authentic with your audience, giving them someone to connect to and like enough to come back for more.

Don't Let the Blogging Rules Bog You Down

4 Ways New Bloggers Can Find Success Without Stressing Out

Understanding SEO and keyword usage is important, especially in today's world where billions of gigabytes are added to the internet each day. You have to get your content noticed and effectively incorporating keywords, links, and other tools of blogging will help. What you don't have to do is scare yourself into believing every single post has to use every single rule.

Find Your Unique Perspective

It may seem like everyone else is talking about your topic of choice, whether it's technology or poodles. What will make you stand out from the ground is your take on the subject. Creativity is the key to success in blogging. Instead of a blog about poodles, you could focus on how poodles help the sick or elderly. Instead of a blog about how to blog, you could curate content showing people what not to do. Whatever your topic, taking the time to find your own twist on things will help you stand out from the crowd.

Publish Consistently

Search engines like fresh content. They live for it, crave it, and reward it. Maybe you don't have time to blog every day or you start blogging once a week with plans to build up to more. Whatever you do, be consistent. Your readers will know when to expect a new post, and by creating a schedule, you'll find it's easier to write and publish each week.

With a bit of planning from the start and an understanding of best practices, you'll find your groove in the blogging world. To keep your readers coming back for more, share your authentic voice and give them information from a fresh perspective. Don't worry if you're not the best writer in the beginning. The more you blog, the better you'll become. The important part is to get started and keep at it.

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