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Public DNS services may offer advantages on the DNS servers used by Internet Providers. These edges might not be restricted to speed just because you may get added functionality in addition to that.

This might include filtering options, for example to block phishing websites or malicious websites straight away, but also alternatives to avoid nation or network -wide Internet filters.

Access was blocked by iSPs in Spain for instance to The Pirate Bay web site lately on a workaround as well as the DNS level for that was to change into a world-wide DNS service to gain access to the site.

There could be a few other edges. Some ISPs may show custom error pages when lookups fail so that you can bring in additional earnings. In case you would rather find out the error page of the browser when that takes place, you can change DNS suppliers to make sure that.
public DNS providers
Speed might not seem significant in the beginning but since DNS is among the bases of the World Wide Web and used a lot you might have the ability to load resources and web pages quicker and enhance the total experience at the same time.

There's a third variable of significance: solitude. Since the DNS supplier that is chosen processes all of your connections online, you find yourself disclosing advice which you might rather not disclose to some businesses.

That's out of the range of the guide yet. It is best to check the privacy policy of services that you're considering to learn how this is handled by them.

The software employed for the evaluation is a DNS benchmarking system, Namebench. These settings were used in the standard:
  • The top 2000 Alexa sites.
  • Variety of queries: 250
  • Contain DNS suppliers that are international.
  • Contain censorship tests.
  • Health Check Operation: quick
Along with those settings, these suppliers were added to the list of nameservers:
  • Censur Fri DNS:,
  • Comodo Secure DNS:,
  • DNS Watch:,
  • Free DNS:
  • Green Team DNS:,
  • Level 3:,
  • Norton ConnectSafe:,
  • Open Nic:,
  • Safe DNS:,
  • Smart Viper:,
The application includes natively the following suppliers:
  • DNS Advantage:,
  • Dyn DNS:,
  • Google DNS:,
  • Open DNS Home:,
For your personal evaluations, it's wise to add DNS services that are regional at the same time as international providers could not provide access that is quicker than them.

Run your own personal standard on your own computer

It's not difficult to run your personal benchmarking evaluation to locate the most rapid DNS supplier.
  • It's accessible for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Run this system and establish the settings as seen on the screenshot above. Additionally, assess the DNS services alternative that is regional at the same time.
  • Wait for the standard to run its course.
  • The outcomes are shown on a website that was local. There you discover on the best way to establish your system with the DNS suppliers recorded the recommendations of this system. Moreover, notes are giving for websites that seem when using the DNS service to function.
  • Shifting the supplier
There are two core choices as it pertains to DNS suppliers that are altering: it is possible to alter them on individual apparatus or in servers or routers.

They cover all scenarios including computer workstations and house routers, notebooks and cellular devices. Note that should you not choose OpenDNS as your supplier of choice, you should switch IPs.

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