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I have been blogging (on an off) for nearly a decade. The first blog I started was, as you’d imagine, launched on Google’s Blogger platform, which allowed me to voice my thoughts and opinions like no other platform allowed at the time.

As time when on I wanted additional creative control which Blogger couldn't provide, so I began my research and, like many, fell upon WordPress as my outlet. WordPress allowed me to do whatever I wanted because the community is incredibly active and passionate.

But WordPress (and other online blogging platforms) do have their limits if you take them at face-value. The built in features are more than enough for the average individual wanting to create content but if you want to become a better blogger you must be willing to invest in skills that compliment your goals.

Here are the six various skills I have found essential to become a better blogger:

A. Networking

Who you know is (in my opinion) the in the top three as to whether you will be successful with blogging.

Content will be what gets you noticed, social media will help spread the content, but it is the fellow bloggers (and even competitors) that are within your network that will allow you to reach a greater audience.

Knowing a wide range of individuals in your niche will help with creating content, understanding your topics, and keep you challenged for lofty goals.

B. Web Research

I would mention Web research as an essential skill because there are millions of fantastic websites on the Web that can inspire the direction of your blog, used as a source, and help you connect with others that aren't the typical A-list bloggers within your niche.

It’s likely you already know how to find your way around search engines but you’d be surprised at complexity in options when you’d like to search the deep Web; my suggestion is to try out different tricks with Google to find amazing content.

C. Web Development

Blogging is so much more than producing content.

As you settle in with your blogging, you will eventually want to create unique changes to your blog, explore advertising, and other forms of content. Web development is the core skill you should know so that you are able to code what you need and implement features you want.

I would highly recommend considering taking courses in web design, which will help you understand and (hopefully) master areas of development in PHP, content management systems, usability, and more.

D. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, though at times can be tedious, is essential for bloggers because it’s easy to create amazing content that isn't found. You could write a massive piece that trumps the scope of the competitors but if it doesn't have the correct keywords, phrases, and structure it is likely to be lost in the sea of content.

The basics are more than enough for you to do better than half the other bloggers in your niche. Keep those SEO elements in mind as you’re creating and sharing content to gain the maximum return on investment.

E. Scheduling & Motivation

When you attempt to blog on a regular basis you will quickly find out how easy it is to feel burnt out. It’s important that you pace yourself by scheduling your content and finding what truly motivates your efforts so that you constantly release content for your audience.

F. Graphic Editing

Creative is what draws the eye-balls and although there are many stock photo websites it’s still a great skill if you are able to edit images (or video) to bring something new to your content. A basic understanding of Photoshop or Gimp will allow you to touch up photos, add something eye-catching, and keep the audience engaged (if they choose to skim the content).

What skills did I leave out that you feel are the most important for creating and operating a success blog (or set of blogs)? Leave a comment below and be sure to share!

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