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Google's Search Quality team is always working on ways by which to minimize the effect of webspam. Doorway pages are included by this.

We've got a longstanding view that doorway pages which are made just for search engines can damage the attribute of the user's search experience.

So in case a user clicks on a single result, does not enjoy it, and then attempts the next result and is taken to that same website that they did not enjoy, that is a truly frustrating experience.

Over time, we have seen websites attempt to optimize their "Google search footprint" without adding clear, exceptional worth. These doorway efforts establish themselves as pages on a website, as several domain names, or a mixture thereof. We'll shortly start a rating alteration to address these kinds of pages, to enhance the standard of search results for our users. Websites with substantial and well-recognized doorway efforts might find an extensive impact.
Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm
Here are questions of pages that would be regarded as doorway pages:
  • Is the goal funnel visitors to the specific useable or applicable percentage of your website and to optimize for search engines, or are they an essential element of the user experience of your website?
  • Are the pages designed to rate on common terms the content is quite special?
  • Are these pages made just for bringing affiliate traffic and sending users without creating exceptional value in functionality or content?
  • Are they impossible or hard to browse to from the rest of your website?
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