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Since it's definitely the most effective way of bringing free, targeted visitors to your own web site it's critically crucial that you get your web site listed on the top search engines like Google like Google. This site gets most of its own traffic in the search engines who send people to our web pages.
Understanding this can permit you to enhance your articles and general web site by executing some search engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Add Site in Google Search Database

How Can Search Engines Rank Your Website?

Before we look at the way you begin submitting your site to the top search engines like Google, it is significant that you simply learn the basics of the things it is that they look for when rating your site/site. The higher you rank on Bing Google & Yahoo, the more traffic you'll receive. But being recorded does not automatically mean traffic will be attracted by you, you need to optimize your website to 'see' you correctly.

Every internet search engine functions differently from one another. Typically, these take into consideration your; Page Title, Meta Description, Key Words Amount Of Inbound Links, in your articles, Bounce Rate, etc. Do not worry, it is really a lot less complex than it seems.

Each search engine differs, as I say

Read our post on 'On-Page SEO Techniques' for more information about exactly what the search engines are seeking on your pages.

Do I Have To Submit My Website?

All search engines use software called 'Spiders' to crawl the internet. These search for brand spanking new content, which is later added to their own databases/index in the web. The results come from this database, therefore it is essential for the website to be recorded with this database when individuals run searches on internet search engines like Google.

Technically you do not need to submit your website to any search engines, by crawling the web, as finally they'll locate your website. Nevertheless, this may take time, time where possible traffic is loosing by not being recorded. You speed up the entire procedure by being added to the search engines database by submitting your website yourself.

Submit Your Website URL in Google Search Database

Follow below steps to add your website or blog in Google search database to get rank in Google.

Step 1

Login into Google Webmaster Tools Website as shown in below picture.

Add Blog in Google Search Database

Step 2

After add your website you need to Verify Your Site URL as shown in below picture.
Google Search Database

Step 3

Copy meta tag verification code and paste it on index page of the website as shown in below picture.

Add Your Site URL in Google Search Database

Step 4

After saving your home page click on verify button in webmaster tool as shown in below picture.
Add Your Blog URL in Google Search Database

Step 5

Now add sitemap in Google webmaster tool in XML format and you can generate XML sitemap from

Add Your Site/Blog URL in Google Search Database

Your site will be added in Google search engine database within 2-3 weeks.

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