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If you talk to any online marketing or SEO company about the biggest trends they predict for internet marketing and blog promotion in the next 12 months, chances are a big one will be moving away from Facebook and Twitter only strategies (which are becoming less effective unless you use paid promotion methods), and beginning to better utilise a more diverse range of social media platforms. Pinterest is an interesting choice for promoting a blog as it is pure content sharing. Users 'pin' things they like as they go around the web to themed 'boards', which are generally publicly visible. People who are interested in the kind of things they find while searching around on Pinterest can then follow boards of complete strangers, though it is also both possible and encouraged for people to find people they have on other social networks on Pinterest and follow them there too.
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What Type of Blog Can Be Marketed on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a very 'pictorial' site. Most pins are images that people have saved, and often they are of products they are interested in, interesting designs, or things relevant to their interests. This means that niche blogs can do very well by being active in the Pinterest community and making it easy for users to pin their content. If your blog relates to something very visual, such as photography, fashion, beauty or design, then chances are you have a lot of images there people can pin, which when viewed on Pinterest by other users will link right on back to your content.

Blogs relating to products, either selling them or reviewing them, can also do well on Pinterest, as some people use their boards as a form of wishlist. Another type of blog that is well suited to Pinterest marketing is anything very hobby specific, as people tend to have specific boards for their specific different areas of interest. Whether your blog is about sewing, training dogs, fishing, dancing or just about any other hobby, you will find there are many people with boards dedicated just to your niche within Pinterest's user base.

How to Get Started

The first thing you should do is spend some time looking around Pinterest so you can understand how searches on there work and what kind of things people in your target demographics are pinning. You should also set up an account and a board or two of your own, and follow some of the people with boards relevant to your blog's area of interest. Another step is to add in any features to your blog content that will help people pin it faster (there are buttons that allow for instant pinning). Remember you can also message people who pin your stuff, so use this to thank people who are spreading your content and engage with them further.

Pinterest is an interesting and exciting platform for promoting blogs on, particularly if your blog fits a specific niche or is very image oriented. Get started promoting your content there today!

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