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Google's PR team was to confirm that it was acceptable to release. The slides from scratch was made by me (not a Google template), so there should not be any issues with notes in other metadata or the slides. Additionally note that this whole demonstration was made the day of the convention by me, thus I would like to understand in case there are parts that are uncertain.

"But Matt, some of that discussion is only bullet points! Where Is the circumstance?" you might remark. Ah, I am happy you mentioned.

"But Matt, I do not have an hour to save to see the video!" you might remark. Ah, I am happy which you mentioned.
Tips from Matt Cutts

"But Matt, that transcript has lots of words. you might remark. You can also read the outline.

Stephan Spencer says some folks believed that underscores are exactly the same as dashboards to Google and I did not quite say this in the discussion, if you read him's write up. I said that we'd someone looking at that. Therefore I would not consider it a totally done deal at this stage. But note if you had already made your website with that I also said, underscores, it likely was not worth attempting to migrate all your urls around to dashboards. In the event you 're starting fresh, I had still decide on dashboards.

Additionally, I needed to point out something I am quite happy with.

Well that site owner Danny, was David Klein and all the PubCon guidance was taken by him to heart in the panel. To begin with, the site owner transcribed the video of my conversation, which traded some attempt on his part to produce a valuable resource. Better yet, Danny came with a pad of paper, a creative thought, and a digicam. As Danny met with people at WordCamp, he'd each man write their name, their web site, and something that they needed to do. He then created an original animation of that man doing that thing. Visit select the image and the post to see my meaning. Matt said he needed to be a writer David posted an animation of Matt.

Is this bright? Folks adore to see themselves in the limelight, and love to talk about themselves. So these small animations are natural linkbait: "Hey look, the drew the as a Photoshop plugin programmer!" Almost nothing: only the first creative brainstorming and a little elbow grease.

It was awesome to see a website owner that is routine go from not understanding much about SEO to his traffic with some ingenuity and clear-cut shifts that are actually enhancing. A great Search Engine Optimization can tune your website up. But if someone is willing to make an effort put in some attempt, and to examine Search Engine Optimization, seek out new thoughts, a routine man really can enhance their web site (and ranks!) as well. To see that come true that feedback was given by several of us to only last year was actually exciting. That is among the huge things that's remained with me.

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