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A couple of weeks ago Technorati released the State of The Blogosphere 2010, plus one part of their report that captured my attention was the traffic sources dislocation.

The report illustrated that bloggers are receiving social media traffic from two sites primarily: Twitter and Facebook. All of the others happen to be dwarfed.

Some years past getting in the front page of StumbleUpon Digg or Delicious was the wish of any web site owner, but it appears that that's not the case. Twitter and Facebook are the sole choices right now.
Social Bookmarking Sites

And there's even more evidence to support this tendency. Digg found a brand new version some months past, also it pretty much failed since. Its true users left the boat asserting that the dynamic of the website totally altered, and traffic is going down hill. I recall that several years past the most notable reports would get just as much as 3,000 diggs, and now they 200 or . 300

What about Delicious? It had been among the primary social bookmarking websites, also it was extremely useful, using a huge number of users who adored the service.

I haven't seen any news about StumbleUpon, but I don't think it's going that well either. I used to get a lot of traffic on nearly all of my sites from it, and that is all gone. The majority of my webmaster friends are seeing the same routine, so people seem not to be stumbling much.

Are social bookmarking sites dying? The concept of bookmarking web pages looked just like a good one, and you surely saw the gains, in case you used it. Users are moving on to things that are new and various. What would you believe?

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