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"What's a subdomain and what's a subdirectory?" These are two questions that are common. You will find different differences, although these terms get confused. The differences comprehended is not unhelpful for completely comprehending Domain Services and Web Hosting.

A subdomain is a free domain name hosting service in your web site. There is a subdomain hosted under the parent domain name. I've a subdomain, blog.haakblog.com under my domain name, blog.haakblog.com. This subdomain also can be viewed as blog.haakblog.com

A subdirectory is a fresh folder added to your subdomain or domain name name.
What is a Subdomain and Subdirectory?

Both notions enable significantly distinct issues to be hosted by you under one domain name, saving you additional hosting fees.

To put it simply, it's communication system and the phone book of the web linking your domain name with the world. DNS can be used to direct the world wide traffic.


A hierarchy system is worked on by the WWW. You then host your domain name by purchasing a branch and purchase it. What you do using the sub branches, if any, depends on you.

A subdomain is controlled under the DNS hierarchy, although free.

Afterwards, I bought the domain name drsdi.ca, but I didn't buy hosting for this.

This empowered drsdi.ca to have free hosting because subdomain, occasionally called a child domain name.

This should simplify the question, "what's a subdomain?"

Sub Directories

There is a subdirectory a service, function or section associated with the primary domain name. Within my example, drshenton.ca is the chief domain name. I even have a section named "pictures". This keeps advice pages and my website pictures different.

Example of Subdirectories: www.haakblog.com/blog

Decision for "what's a Subdomain and a Subdirectory?"

Hopefully you now understand the question, "what's a Subdomain and what's a subdirectory?" You pay hosting fees a subdirectory although but not for a subdomain.

A subdomain name is bought, but there is a subdirectory created at will and free all the way. Both of these terms that are useful are not unimportant to be comprehended for some free hosting.

With a straightforward phone call your hosting business can create a subdomain or you are able to do yourself to it.

The subdirectory creation is done at will with no registry is essential. It's using a software like Dreamweaver. You many need to make a call if you're using a beginner's designing your hosts or software supply.

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