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Phone Tracker software is also known as SMS tracker is commonly used to spy on data from one’s Smartphone. From GPS and to emails, app owner gets access to everything the victim has on his or her phone.

The Use Of SMS Spy Like Software

This spin of technology has inspired an entirely new industry of log tracking apps that can be used in a work environment. A business owner only needs to install the app on Android, Mac or Windows and he or the responsible manager will have access to everything employees do with their PC’s from browser history and a track record of productivity and to uploaded or deleted corporate data.

This is a lot of power. Can anyone handle possessing it?

You can use sms spy free to change that forever.

Why use a log tracker?

Did you know that an average American spends 38 minutes on Facebook during working hours? So what? It’s only a half an hour or so, what harm can it do?

Now, that you know the start of the equation – try to apply basic math to get the bigger picture. 38 minutes are not a big deal in deed, but, if lost every day you will get 238 hours annually. That, in turn, is 29.75 eight hour long shifts.

Each of your workers is getting a monthly vacation to Facebook-land, and you get to pay the bills. You are not only losing a month of salary paychecks per employee. Investments, deadlines, and new opportunities also go down the drain because you don’t have the time to finish them accordingly.

Now that we of Facebook – think beyond. Sure enough, your team is sharing at least one YouTube video a day with each other. Once that is done each employee also surfs the web for something more personal like the news or online stores that sell sneakers.

People spill their coffee on shirts and Google how to remove stains more often than you can imagine. People have a headache and Google for a cure a lot. All of these search requests are priceless moments and, paired with coffee breaks, and whatnot simply doesn’t leave any room for actual work. 

Why are tracking apps so good?

You will have access to all productivity based data with a log tracker. You will be aware of who are the “bottleneck” team members. Access to screenshots of their desktop as well as browsing history will ensure you tailor HR policies accordingly. You can do it on Hoverwatch site.

You will also be capable of making data-backed decisions regarding resource management. You will know who is working harder and deserving that raise.

That noted, your capabilities aren’t even the best part. A person who knows he is monitored will behave nicely. The very recognition of the fact that logging apps are installed will enhance your crew’s productivity. They will not be wasting time on leisure willingly, out of their initiative. 

All that’s left for you to do is to reward them for trying and voila – you’ve got HR managed like a boss! 

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