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The head of search junk, Matt Cutts, of Google said yesterday that Google will not be pushing out a new Google Toolbar PageRank update this year.

Twitter was inquired on by Niels Bosch if we should anticipate an update before 2014 to PageRank.

It has been 5 months since the past Google PageRank update. Actually, the past update was on June, 2014 and frankly, I believe PageRank is ultimately dead - at least PageRank.

Perhaps Google then let it gently go away and will do one.

There have been no plans to repair it, he explained, at least not for the rest of the entire year. Nevertheless, it looks like they determined getting this info out to the people was useful that the issue was repaired by them.
Google Page Rank Update

It appears the bulk of websites which are really new since the February update are starting out with PR2 or PR1. Nevertheless, websites which have had PageRank in PR4-PR6's area did not see much in the manner of PR enhancement this time.

"We looked at numerous websites and 90 percent fell," says Dave Naylor of Bronco. "We have not seen many increase PageRank in huge jumps this time. PR1 or PR2 saw PR6s drop to PR1s, although not many PR1s rise to some PR6."

There's also plenty of conjecture the data appears to be several months old, and this data isn't that fresh. Since Google gets daily updates with their internal PageRank tool, it appears somewhat cryptic that Google would push old data out -- unless there's a rationale for this.

Having a Google Page Rank Update done in the few weeks before Christmas (particularly as it is their very first update since February) is also not somewhat common. With PageRank that is update within a busy shopping season, it's going to undoubtedly have a direct effect on those people who have bought links from high PR sites if those sites have noticed a fall in PR.

It's also crucial not to forget that Google sees their PageRank update on a daily basis, which is what affects the algorithm, not the PageRank that users openly see throughout a different tool that is similar or the Google toolbar. But the understanding of website quality, especially in regards to getting ads or links, still gets lots of its weight from the PageRank of the present website in ascertaining its worth, even when that information is months old.

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