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You might need to stop parents, friends or coworkers from seeing your Facebook profile. Luckily, Facebook secrecy has a remedy: the profile characteristic that is small. This attribute allows you to control which parts remain concealed and what portions of your profile a buddy can see.

Facebook Profile Invisible

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account. Click "Account" from the top-right menu, then choose "Privacy Settings."
Facebook Profile Invisible to Friends

Step 2

Click "Custom Settings" from "Custom" tab.

Step 3

Determine what to stop the individual from seeing. Click the drop-down menu beside the profile attribute you would like to block and choose "Customize." Prevent multiple friends with the addition of a comma following the very first friend's name, then typing the next buddy from seeing your advice. Prevent her from seeing labeled pictures of you by entering her name under "Pictures and videos you are labeled in."

Step 4

Make your whole profile imperceptible by inputting the individual's name manually there's no quick solution to get this done. Accelerate the procedure by typing the individual's name, emphasizing it and reproducing it by right-clicking the name and choosing "Copy." Right-click and paste this in the name box for every single entry.

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