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It's true, this is really potential without any sort of software setup such as the Facebook Messenger. Now you can pin your Facebook to the taskbar for real time Facebook tellings without needing to open only.

You must have a test in the version of Internet Explorer you're presently using before you start together with the particular process. The variation that is right recommendable is IE 10.
Get Facebook Notifications On Windows Taskbar
Log in into Facebook using IE 10. You'll notice a little Facebook icon on left side as you log in. Click on it and the icon in the taskbar, drag and drop.

Facebook Notifications On Windows Taskbar

This leads to a good button of Facebook in your taskbar that will empower several fast functionalities as you can observe in the below Picture.

Facebook Notifications

Here will be the attributes by clicking in the icon you only pinned to taskbar that you may perform. It is possible to directly check events.

It is also possible to visit a red asterisk in the base of the icon. This seems while you're not using Facebook a new live telling arrives. This may keep before the telling is pending, revealing and you also do not click to check on it.

Windows Taskbar

There's one thing that is significant you should remember. A number of other sites this manner can be pinned by you although it'll just work on Windows 7. Should you try and immobilize another web site this manner or Facebook you may not reach the required effect.

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