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In the past I had covered some Google search operators that I use often. Most are related to locating particular pages or files, however.

This week browsing through the internet, I came across another intriguing post covering 10 Google search tricks that were great. Here is what the Google search operators contained on the list:
Google Search Tricks
  1. The best way to search file formats that are distinct (key word filetype:doc)
  2. The best way to search resources that are educational (key word website:.edu)
  3. Discovering the significance of abbreviations and words (define:keyword)
  4. Finding the time of any place (time new york)
  5. Finding any place ('s weather california weather)
  6. Monies that are converting (1 USD)
  7. Locating faces (add imgtype face that is = to the URL)

A few of these tricks I was comfortable with, others I wasn't. Most are quite fascinating anyhow, and they illustrator the width of range that Google is realizing recently.

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