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In today’s world where everything is going online, the ability to be seen in search engine results makes the difference between success and failure. This has led to the art of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as everybody calls it. An SEO expert ensures that if you are online, you are visible and stands out higher in search engines (like Google) results.

Some time back, the process of SEO was as good as “louder the better”. This means content foolishly studded with keywords, not making any sense at all and still being used to improve SEO rankings.
But not anymore. After the introduction of panda updates from Google, the search engine algorithm has been refined so that a natural reading content fares much better in search ranking than other contents.
Amazing Google Tips
This is a great development, especially for the content writers as now the ones with good and quality content are desired more than others. Now, content writers do not face the dilemma to write the content for readers or for higher ranking in search engine results.

Amazing Google Tips

Write quality content

The first tip to improve ranking on Google search is already given above, this is to “Write quality content”. Be relevant to the topic, and give a detailed analysis of the subject in your content.

The Keyword Density

Do not go for keyword stuffing. The keywords must be incorporated in the article naturally. The keyword must not be more that 2-3% of the word count.

To share on Social Media

Let the content be shared on social networking platforms. This will improve the Google rankings.

Write for readers

To feel that if one gets ranked higher in Google search, then one also gets more clicks and thus more conversions, is a myth. Actually, the real conversion depends on the quality of the content. So, write naturally with quality content for readers.

Use of long tailed keywords

Do a proper research on the keywords before selecting then for the content. Select keywords that are relevant to the target audience. The short tailed keywords normally give more readers, but using some long tailed keywords in the article can enable you to target a more specifically defined audience. So, choose both short and long keywords for best conversion ratio.

Customer Questions

While writing the content, think logically of the questions that will come in your mind of readers and try to answer them in the content. This will benefit you with more readers and the site with higher rankings.


As per new algorithm, now while searching now uses the Latent Semantic Indexing to match both the search words as well as the words are similar in meaning to the keywords. So, while writing the keywords, use both the identified short and long tailed keywords and also use words that are similar in meaning to such keywords.

The Title Tags

Let the keywords be there in the title, as well as the Meta descriptions, this way the content will be found easier by search engine. But, be careful to do such that the keywords are incorporated in the title and description only in a natural way.

Sharing is Better

To share is better. This is true for SEO also. Once you have posted your work, share with friends especially through social networking platforms. This will expose your work to more traffic and links.

Be careful of your grammar

Before posting the work, be careful that it is proofread properly for any syntax and grammatical mistakes. This can be done by getting the content proofread before using. You can use the online grammar checking tools, but they have limited success.

If you follow the above 10 Amazing Google Tips, you can be sure to get professional satisfaction as SEO optimization expert and the writer. Contributing in a creative way.

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