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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How To Setup Google Analytics Goals?

Targets can be put in place to measure conversions on your web site. Targets are quantified by the measures and activities your visitors take; like a series of instructions they must follow to arrive at a particular page, the amount of time they spend in your web site, or the number of pages they see while on your web site. Here are measures on the best way to set up Targets.
Google Analytics Goals

My first bit of advice to any new customer or prospect trying to find promotion guidance for his or her web site would be to install Google Analytics. Having accessibility to data and what content they find intriguing is among the strongest instruments you'll have as a small company online.

By default however, Google Analytics will not let you know which visitors are giving to your own company (signing up for e-mails, purchasing products, etc.). You must tell it what to monitor - here's the best way to set up conversion tracking on your web site and Google Analytics aims.

Step 1. Find Your URLs That You Want Visitors to Take

Determine what activities in your site are not unimportant - Enrolling for the newsletter? Purchasing your merchandise?

Obviously, this just works if your site is hosting these messages that are welcome.

Step 2. Add New Google Analytics Goal

Here's where we tell Google Analytics precisely what we would like to quantify.

  • Your profile/URL is chosen, you will see a display with WebProperty Settings, and 3 tabs -- Profiles, Tracking Code. Ensure Profiles is chosen.
  • Under Profiles, choose the Targets tab.
  • Click +Goals to include a new goal.
  • Input a name for this particular target that is logical to you -- "Newsletter Sign Up" may function just fine.
  • Choose the type - With this goal, select URL Destination. Under Target Details, complete the following:
  • Select Exact Match.
  • Goal URL - Here's where you enter your thank you for subscribing page's URL. Don't enter the complete URL - Omit the start/domain name ( and only contain the ending - frequently something like: /thankyou.html
  • Goal Value - This can be not obligatory. For those who have a dollar amount related to this target, enter it here. (For newsletter sign ups, have you any idea how much each subscriber is really worth for you?
  • Click Save Goal.
Do URL- goals that are established not really live with your company goals? It is also possible to configure Google Analytics Goals or Pages per Visit - choose either one as your target kind instead of URL Destination.

Step 3. Make Decisions about Marketing

You should begin using the Conversion reports to make more intelligent advertising decisions for the company online, when you have your targets set up.

Having Google Analytics Goals and conversion tracking lets you quit thinking in what online marketing action will probably be worth cash or your time and empowers one to make more intelligent choices for the company online.

Learn which referring sites are giving you the most effective converting traffic - contemplate amping up your investment together.

Have you got Google Analytics Goals configured for the web site?

What is Internal Linking in SEO

Internal Links are hyperlinks that point at (objective) the same domain name as the domain name the link exists on (source).
Internal Linking in SEO

Code Sample

<a href="" title="Keyword Text">Keyword Text</a>

Use descriptive keywords that give the source page to a feeling of the subject or key words is looking to target.

What's an Internal Link?

Internal links are links that go to another page on the exact same domain name from one page. They have been widely used in primary navigation.

These kind are useful
  • They enable users to browse a web site.
  • They help create information hierarchy for the specified site.
  • They help distribute link juice (position power) around sites.
What is Internal Linking in SEO

SEO Best Practice

Internal links are useful for dispersing link juice and creating website structure (URLs will also be crucial). Because of this, this section is about constructing an SEO-friendly website structure.

On an individual page, search engines need certainly to see content so that you can list pages within their huge key word-established indices. The search should also have access to some crawlable link construction--a construction that lets spiders browse a website's nerve pathways --in order to locate all the pages on a web site. Thousands of websites make the critical error of concealing or hiding their primary link navigation in methods search engines cannot get. Below is an illustration of this issue can occur:

The ideal arrangement for a web site would appear much like a pyramid (where the large dot is homepage):

Link Pyramid

This construction has the minimal quantity of links potential between any specified page and the homepage. That is helpful because it enables link juice (ranking power) to stream through the whole website, thereby raising the possibility that is ranking for each page. This arrangement is common on many high-acting sites (like in the kind of group and type systems.

Internal Linking

But how is this achieved? The easiest way to get this done is with supplementary URL arrangements and internal links. For instance, they internally link to your page found at with the anchor text "cats." Underneath is the format. Picture this link is on the domain name

Link Physiology

In the preceding illustration, the "a" tag signals the beginning of a link. Link tags can include pictures, text, or other items, which supply a "clickable" region on the page that users can participate to go to another page. Here is the first notion of the Internet: "hyperlinks." The link referral place tells the browser--and the search engines. The link closes, to ensure components later on won't possess the link characteristic applied to visitors.

It is the simplest format and it's eminently clear.

Below are some common reasons why pages mightn't be reachable, and therefore, may not be indexed.

Links in Entry-Required Forms

Types may include components as essential as components or a drop-down menu as elaborate as a full blown survey. Either way, search spiders is not going to try to "submit" forms and therefore, any content or links that would be reachable via a type are imperceptible to the engines.

Links Just Reachable Through Internal Search Boxes

Spiders is not going to try to perform searches to discover content, and therefore, it is estimated that millions are concealed behind totally inaccessible internal search carton walls.

Links devalued according to their execution or constructed using Javascript may be uncrawlable. Because of this, it is suggested where search engine sent traffic is significant that regular HTML links should be used instead of Javascript established links.

Links in Java, Flash, or Other Plugins

Any links embedded inside Flash, Java applets, and other plugins are often not accessible .

Links Pointing to Pages Blocked Robots.txt or by the Meta Robots Tag

Links Pointing to Pages Blocked by the Meta Robots Tag or Robots.txt

Links of Links on pages or Thousands

The search engines have a rough creep limit before they may cease spidering added pages linked to in the first page.

Links in I or Frames or I-Frames

Links in the "a" tag and both frames -Frames are crawlable, but both current structural problems for the engines when it comes to following and organization. Just advanced users with an excellent technical understanding of how search engines index and follow links should use these components in combination linking.

By preventing these pitfalls, a webmaster can have clean, spiderable HTML links which will enable simple access to the spiders to their own content pages.

<a href="/" rel="nofollow">nofollow this link</a>

Nofollow came about as a strategy to help prevent guestbook, automated site opinion, and link injection junk, but has morphed into a manner of telling the engines to mark down any link value that would normally be passed over time. Links labeled with nofollow are interpreted somewhat differently by each.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 10 Rules of Blogging

Today we give you some basic but important rule of blogging. Follow this rules of blogging and you should become an successful blogger. The top 10 blogging rules are very important because every bloggers who want to avoid themselves from negative publicity. Read below this rules and follow them to protect yourself from problems.
Top 10 Rules of Blogging


Content should be in sync with the name of the blog. This is the thing where most of the people go wrong. Your content and the blog name must match. If this doesn't happen it may result in the scenario of people expecting chicken and getting chocolate.

Know your Audience

A blog is like a magazine and like every successful magazine on earth it must know the reader to which it is targeting. Like life, a blog is also more successful when it is targeted in its approach. It should be reader centric in its approach.

Crisp & Concise

Be crisp and concise Also one should decide the tone of the blog before starting it. This helps the audience in knowing what to expect e.g. a blog which is sarcastic in its approach, a humorous blog, and a blog full of information but dry in its narration. This approach helps in retaining the customer base for long since they know what to expect.

Blogging Themes

Selected themes should not over shadow content of the blog i.e. It should be readable (Brightness of the theme should not overshadow the content of the blog. Home page should be organized such that it should lure readers to read more

Link Exchange

Go for Exchange link of your blogs with other bloggers but take care of other blog sites purposes it increases website credibility. Update your Blog frequently: Now days it comes on search engine with in 15 min.

Blog Content Update

Update your Blog frequently, Now a days it comes on search engine with in 15 min. But don’t overdo it. Most of the people, who talk a lot, don’t have anything worth to talk. Usual time frame should be one blog in two days on an average.


Quote references in the form of links. It increases the credibility of the blog thereby leaving the readers impressed. Have you ever wondered why some blog links are shared on social media while others are not? The keyword here is ‘Credibility’ apart from other things. Also there should be no broken links in the blog. Google search engine keeps that also in mind while ranking your blog

Free Tools

Use free search engine tools provided by Google and yahoo to enhance the search ability of the blog

Paid Advertising

Go for Ad words provided by Google if you want to earn few bucks quickly. Also, use tags judiciously/use fonts to highlight article.

Related Content

Content should be related. There must not be too much disparity in the content .e.g:  If the blog is on human relationships then it must no go into as diverse a topic as sports. Both of them are different genres altogether and Google while ranking your page keeps in check the homogeneity of the content on the blog. Also avoid grammatical errors, plagiarism and spelling mistakes. This helps in increasing Alexa Ranking.

Related Categories

Use related categories for your all blog post to find more relevant article for your reader. If you put all article to an relevant category then reader search more article in this category.

7 Cool Google Search Tricks

In the past I had covered some Google search operators that I use often. Most are related to locating particular pages or files, however.
Google Search Tricks

This week browsing through the internet, I came across another intriguing post covering 10 Google search tricks that were great. Here is what the Google search operators contained on the list:

  1. The best way to search file formats that are distinct (key word filetype:doc)
  2. The best way to search resources that are educational (key word
  3. Discovering the significance of abbreviations and words (define:keyword)
  4. Finding the time of any place (time new york)
  5. Finding any place ('s weather california weather)
  6. Monies that are converting (1 USD)
  7. Locating faces (add imgtype face that is = to the URL)

A few of these tricks I was comfortable with, others I wasn't. Most are quite fascinating anyhow, and they illustrator the width of range that Google is realizing recently.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Add Google Web Fonts to Blogger

If you are looking for Add Google Web Fonts to your Blogger blog to better design than Google Web fonts better solution for this. Blogger is using web fonts for better design of your blogger blog fonts. You can find Google web fonts by clicking on the customize button in blogger templates.
Google Web Fonts

How to Add Google Web Fonts to Blogger

Please follow below steps to Add Google Web Fonts to your Blogger blog:

Step 1

Go to Google Web Fonts and select your font which you like to add on your blog as shown in below picture.
Add Google Web Fonts to Blogger

Step 2

After select your font click on use button as shown in below picture.
Google Web Fonts to Blogger

Step 3

Now select html and css code as shown in below picture.
Google Web Fonts

Step 4

Now Go to Blogger Dashboard.

Step 5

Go to Blogger Templates and click on Edit HTML button as shown in below picture.
Web Fonts

Step 6

Now search </head> code with the help of CTRL + F.

Step 7

Now Paste HTML code which you select in Google Web Fonts Before </head> as shown in below picture.
Add Google Web Fonts

Step 8

Now search ]]></b:skin> with help of CTRL + F.

Step 9

Now Paste web font code before ]]></b:skin>.

Friday, April 18, 2014

How To Disable Right Click on Blogger/BlogSpot

Today we provide you simple blogger tricks on how to Disable Right Click on Blogger/BlogSpot blogs easily. You can easily manage copyright issue from disabling right click on your blog. Disable Right Click easily avoid users to copying your blog content, images etc. This is very simple blogger tricks to avoid copyright issue from blog. Many blogger noticing that most of blogs copied their blog content so they want protect their blog from copying and Disable Right click is very good idea to avoid this.
Disable Right Click

Disable right click becomes a disadvantage that if you disable right click than your sharing codes on blog post also not copied from blog post. So first think about this than applied this code on your blog or you can also remove this code easily if you don’t want more this on your blog.

Disable Mouse Right click on Blogger or BlogSpot Blogs

Please follow below steps to Disable Mouse Right click on Blogger or BlogSpot Blogs:

Step 1

Login into blogger dashboard and Go to layout at left panel than click on add a gadget link as shown in below picture.
How To Disable Right Click on BlogSpot

Step 2

When you click Add a Gadget link a popup window will open with all gadgets list. Please choose HTML/JavaScript gadget form list as shown in below picture.

How To Disable Right Click on Blogger

Step 3

Past below code just inside it:
<script language=JavaScript>
//Disable right mouse click Script
var message="Function Disabled!";
function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;
function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;
if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")
// -->

Step 4

Save the gadget.

Step 5

Save the Layout.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To Customize Blogger Blockquote

How To Customize Blogger Blockquote on your blog easily? Today we are providing you how to highlight the Html codes on your blog. You can highlight the html codes on your blog with change inbuilt Blogger Blogckquote. Blogger have already blockquote feature but it’s provide white background so you need might changes to show blockquotes in your post. In this article we will help you to customize blogger blockquote.
Customize Blogger Blockquote

Customize Blogger Blockquote

First please search a good looking background image for your blockquote, after search an image please follow below steps to customize blogger blockquote:

Step 1

Go to Blogger dashboard and click on Template at the left panel than click on Edit HTML button as shown in below picture.Blogger Blockquote

Step 2

Now search below code with the help of CTRL + F:
.post blockquote

Step 3

Now replace above code to below code:
.post blockquote{
background:#ffffff url("");
border: solid 1px #EFEFEF;
padding:10px 0;
.post blockquote p{
padding-left:55px; margin:0;
.post blockquote:hover {
-webkit-border-top-right-radius: 10px;
-webkit-border-top-left-radius: 10px;
-webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 10px;
-webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 10px;
border: solid 1px #CCC;
-moz-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px #999;
-webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px #999;
box-shadow: 1px 1px 5px #999;
Tips: Replace Image link with your image link. You can also change width and height as your website.

Step 4

Now click on Save Template button.

You can add blockquote with click on blockquote icon to select/highlight codes which you want to blockquotes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Free Blogger Website Templates Provider

Some of my blog reader wants to know where they can find free blogger website templates for their blog so today we are giving some Free Blogger Templates Provider websites. Blogger is best blogging platform for that user who wants to create free blog without hosting or want to create blog with sub domain name. After creating their blog on BlogSpot many bloggers want free blogger templates for their blog so we are providing some free blogger templates source for our user who need free blogger templates for their blog. You can easily find your free templates on those sites and easily customize according to your blog. You can also download some free blogger templates form our post on Blogger Templates 2014.

Free Blogger Website Templates List

Below we are providing some Free Blogger Website Templates sites for you:

Free Blogger Website Templates Provider

Btemplates has largest free blogger website templates provider who provides free blogger templates for your blog. You can easily view and download templates from websites. You can also customize code according to your website. Btamlates provide direct download link of blogger xml templates.
Free Blogger Website Templates

Loefa Cebook provides blogger templates for your blog and you can download all templates directly from their website All blogger templates are free and you can also customize all templates as your websites.

Blogger Website Templates has one of largest free blogger website templates in his blog. He mainly creates free blogger templates and provides links for download. You can easily download free blogger templates for your blog here.

Free Website Templates

Uong Jowo also provides free blogger templates for BlogSpot websites. Uong Jowo gives some specific blogger templates and you can view demo of every templates. Uong Jowo also gives you direct download link of templates for you.

Free Blogger Templates

Theme forest well known website which are provide blogger templates as well as word press themes. This website not provides free blogger templates but we include this because some blogger want unique and good looking blogger templates in reasonable rates. You can buy blogger templates from theme forest in reasonable rates. Blogger developer adds some unique and good looking blogger templates in theme forest website at low price.

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