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Friday, April 17, 2015

Google Launch New Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm

Google's Search Quality team is always working on ways by which to minimize the effect of webspam. Doorway pages are included by this.

We've got a longstanding view that doorway pages which are made just for search engines can damage the attribute of the user's search experience.

So in case a user clicks on a single result, does not enjoy it, and then attempts the next result and is taken to that same website that they did not enjoy, that is a truly frustrating experience.

Over time, we have seen websites attempt to optimize their "Google search footprint" without adding clear, exceptional worth. These doorway efforts establish themselves as pages on a website, as several domain names, or a mixture thereof. We'll shortly start a rating alteration to address these kinds of pages, to enhance the standard of search results for our users. Websites with substantial and well-recognized doorway efforts might find an extensive impact.
Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm
Here are questions of pages that would be regarded as doorway pages:
  • Is the goal funnel visitors to the specific useable or applicable percentage of your website and to optimize for search engines, or are they an essential element of the user experience of your website?
  • Are the pages designed to rate on common terms the content is quite special?
  • Are these pages made just for bringing affiliate traffic and sending users without creating exceptional value in functionality or content?
  • Are they impossible or hard to browse to from the rest of your website?
For those who have comments or questions about google doorway pages, please add your comment below.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to find your phone using Google Search

It required before you can make use of the internet dash to track down the phone that you simply enable the service on the unit.

You'd no choice to find your telephone utilizing the device manager service, in the event you failed to do this.

Google introduced a more straightforward choice to find your phone now. All that you need to do is search for "Find my Phone" on Google to begin the procedure.
Google Search
It shows the present place of your telephone on Google Maps immediately after that's out of the way.

As this works only if specific attributes are enabled on these devices, there's one caveat though.

The place service must be empowered. If that's not the situation you get a device unavailable cannot and error message make use of the ring functionality at the same time.

Great for place when you are unable to the apparatus discover it.

It merely functions if you're on the World Wide Web. It doesn't matter if cellular or WiFi is empowered, as both work good.

The place radius may enhance following a brief while.

You may see that particular functionality is lost in the event you compare the functionality.

It's not possible to lock or erase the apparatus for instance that you are able to do on the Device Manager dash.

The primary benefit of utilizing Google Search is the fact that it operates without Device Manager activation.

For those who have enabled the characteristic yet, as it supplies you with added choices which you might find useful, you might want to make use of the dash.

Discover my telephone is well suited for scenarios where you should find it immediately and misplaced your telephone. This would work nicely for you provided that you just keep the place service and a minimum of one connection to the Internet empowered on the unit at all time in the event you chance to get rid of your telephone regularly in your flat.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

LG G Flex 2 Mobile Review

LG has an extremely intriguing notion of just what a great main smartphone needs to be. After the G3 and the G2 had unorthodox button positioning on the back panel, but with a little practice this was scarcely an issue.

Now they are back at it using the LG G Flex 2. The flexibility of the first additionally stays, enabling the curved body of the G Flex 2 to bend in a few conditions.

In the marketplace to get a brand new smartphone unlocked and off contract? Take a look at our buddies at Mobicity and Yatango Shopping, that will sell you a variety of other products for amazing prices and sending globally as well as the LG G Flex 2.

Inside, LG is packing in the best and hottest hardware. Here is the next product to reach on the TechSpot test bench that is powered by the main and most effective SoC of Qualcomm, the 64-bit able Snapdragon 810.
LG G Flex 2

Even though the G Flex 2 is still a market main, and has a cost tag which will be off putting for all but the most fantastic early adopters, it is yet placed from the normal harvest of high end smartphones.

The key characteristic of the G Flex 2 that makes it stand out of the bunch is the layout that is curved. A large proportion of cellphones made now make use of a normal, level slate body that gets refined with each release. Some mobiles are more curvy than many others, but generally it is a version of a theme that began using the first iPhone. Yet such as the first G Flex, using the G Flex 2, curves are taken to another degree.

The whole body of the G Flex 2 is curved, including the battery interior as well as the screen. The curve is not just subtle: there is no mistaking the G Flex for a smartphone that is level .

While LG asserts the G Flex curve permits the unit to be better formed for positioning against your face, and sculpted to fit in your hands, I locate the gains somewhat doubtful. When making calls, which brings the mic closer to the mouth area, yes, the mobile does sit nearer to your face. But you are not constantly making calls, from obtaining the apparatus arch this way, as well as in the hand I find no actual progress in ergonomics.

Usually the palm doesn't make flush contact with all the back of the smartphone when you hold your phone in your hands; from the borders, generally individuals hold their mobiles in other words. Arch the unit in how its ergonomics has with the G Flex 2 will not enhance, as your hands just are not arch in the same way, and most of the time do not make contact.

Actually there are a few difficulties introduced by the curved layout; happily they are not important drawbacks, but they are dilemmas you wouldn't ordinarily get with a level handset. The most bothersome problem is the fact that of relaxation: the orthogonal profile and curve combination to produce an uneasy bottom-right edge that somewhat digs in to your own right hand (the opposite corner is a problem for left handed use, also). Then there is the problem of strength.

Arch a mobile makes it subject to more pressure in certain conditions, like when something is dropped onto it, or when it is dropped. In such situations there's a smaller impact region because of the curve, which results in higher stress in the impact region. In a few scenarios, although not only this like when you are walking in your own pocket, the mobile might want to bend.

Fortunately LG has a remedy, which, as you might have guessed in the name of the smartphone, is modest levels of flexibility within the body. I supposed it had been comparatively simple to bend after I first learned the G Flex 2 is a flexible apparatus. The flexibility was clearly introduced to stop the telephone from snapping when something tried to flatten it, rather than as a cool feature it is possible to showcase to folks. The capacity to turn the handset totally level (albeit briefly) also makes it a lot more demanding than it otherwise would have been, and facilitates the necessity to concern yourself with its breakability.

LG has additionally thought regarding the longevity of these devices by coating the plastic back panel with second-generation self healing polymers. As for looks, the rear panel features a recognizable metallic glow to it, much like the LG G3, which seems adequate but can not completely reproduce the qualities of metal that is actual.
LG G Flex 2 Mobile

Most of the G Flex 2 seems to have already been crafted from plastic, which will be no surprise taking into consideration the flexibility of the handset. Because of the self healing coating, the G Flex 2's is smooth and sleek to the touch, something I am not an enormous fan of as the look of these devices cheapens. Yet using Gorilla Glass 3 to the front, along using a chemical fortifying treatment from LG, is good to find out and keeps swooshable and the front feeling slickness.

Just like recent mains from LG, the only physical buttons of the G Flex 2 are on the rear panel, just. The convex power button is positioned involving the volume buttons, and using a little bit of practice, the placement that was non-traditional becomes simple to work with. Additionally on the rear you will uncover the principal apparatus loudspeaker, which as usual is enough but not outstanding when it comes to quality.

Across the remaining apparatus, there is little to see, except for the microUSB interface and 3.5mm audio jack on the base. On the most effective is the infrared LED for controlling TVs as well as just one mic. Obviously not, although you had believe perhaps these slots could have already been reachable via a tray, removing the requirement for a substantial removable piece of plastic.

The Curved POLED Screen

As you may have collected already, the LG G Flex 2 includes a 5.5-inch curved P-OLED screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. At 400 PPI, this screen appears significantly much better than its forerunner, and it seems fantastic in its own right, although it does not reach the huge densities of recent 1440p screens.

Hardware Review & CPU Operation

In the G Flex 2 is the Snapdragon 810 SoC, which we reviewed in the HTC One M9 of Qualcomm. The execution of the SoC was somewhat difference as a result of aggressive CPU and GPU, in HTC's main downclocking in some conditions, which we should not find much of in the G Flex.

The Snapdragon 810 features an eight-core CPU composed of a quad core ARM Cortex-A57 bunch clocked at 1.96 GHz and a quad core ARM Cortex A53 CPU clocked at 1.56 GHz. As ARMv8 CPU cores are used by the SoC, it is completely 64-bit compliant.

GPU & NAND Operation

The Adreno 430 in the Snapdragon 810 is geared towards rendering to 1440p displays, and graphics operation is excellent, as the G Flex 2 has a 1080p display.

Applications & Camera

Most of the LG G Flex 2's applications is identical to what was seen on the LG G3, although unlike the G3, the G Flex 2 comes loaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the carton.
G Flex 2

Battery Life

Within the LG G Flex 2 is a non-removable 11.4 Wh (3,000 mAh) lithium-polymer battery, which has been physically curved during the production procedure to match the curved profile of the handset. The battery has the very same capacity as the LG G3, which may equate to higher battery life thanks to a display resolution that is lower, or it could lead to worse battery life as a result of a more strong SoC as well as a power hungry AMOLED screen.

Friday, April 10, 2015

After Whatsapp, Facebook Rolls Out Messenger For Desktop

The programmers of social network decided to provide its users a standalone Facebook Messenger client, though the desktop computer version of Facebook has a fine organization for messages.

Coming to consider it, using the approaching Messenger-Business integration, this could be even more useful in letting users chat about products, purchase, updates and tracking.

Additional language support will be followed soon even though the internet version can be obtained only in English by now.

Whatever you must do for using this program would be to go to and sign in with your Facebook account. Your current chats could be revealed in the window that opens to you. You would also be given an option to call your contacts and make video calls with them, like sending media files along with the general options. Utilizing the Settings choices given in the top left corner of the browser, it is possible to correct the settings like desktop and audio notifications.
facebook Messenger
At present, Messenger for Web lacks the capacity to send pictures, audio messages, or use the Messenger platform content that is new sharing programs. But, those features can be added by Facebook after as the service develops. Users also have a choice of empowering a desktop notification; small popup is overlayed on the computer screen the alarms the users for incoming messages.

List of Sites Offering Free WordPress Themes in 2015

Freebies! What an asking word. Particularly when it involves WordPress development, as a large proportion of bloggers and web site owners use WordPress now.

WordPress has been free but it's a challenge to create a good looking WordPress website at no added price. Why? To begin with because free hosting is necessarily false, and so you'll need to pay at least $ 10 to get a hosting plan that is decent.

As the layout of your WordPress website, there are lots of possibilities for. The most high-priced, and primary, one would be to rent a designer to make a custom made template for the website. The effect is a fantastic-looking website just how you would like it, but the price may total as much as several thousand dollars.

Buying a superior theme is just another alternative that was great, but in the event you are only getting started you may not feel comfortable spending $100 or so on the style of your website.

For those in that place, finding a totally free WordPress themes is the most effective choice. You simply need to look in the correct areas.

In the event the official Topic Web Directory the initial noticeable stop. There you will find thousands (literally) of subjects available. Aside from the directory that is official, however, you will find lots of websites offering good quality motifs. Underneath you will locate a listing of them:
Leave comments if you have any more websites other than so we will includes in our list.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Add Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog or Website

Alexa rank and Google page rank are couple of the variables which determine the popularity of sites on Paper. Alexa is apparently getting a lot of changes (Progress) and lately Alexa got new layout and due to this folks who have been using old Alexa widget will not be working flawlessly.

After setting Alexa widget on my site personally, I've found lots progress within my Alexa rank. This really helps Alexa to keep precise count of visitors in your website. I'd propose one to add it in your site for those who haven't added Alexa Rank widget.

Getting back to the subject, Alexa added a fresh method to include widget in your website. For those who possess a great alexa rank website, that is invaluable, it is possible to add detail that is in-depth about your website and also make your website Alexa profile appear more professional.
Alexa Rank Widget

By going to the link it's possible for you to catch advertising codes for Alexa widget in your site. You've got sizes and distinct widget choices for widget.

Add Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog or Website

Follow below steps to add Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog or Website:

Step 1

Login into blogger dashboard and click on layout than click on add a gadget button of your sidebar as shown in below picture.
Alexa Widget

Step 2

After that you get popup with available gadget list, select HTML/JavaScript from that list as shown in below picture.
Alexa Rank Widget for your Blog

Step 3.

Now add Below code as your choice of style:

Style 1
Alexa Rank Widget for Website
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

Style 2
Alexa Widget for your Blog
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>
Note: Please replace to your website. 

Step 4

Click on Save button and see your blog for see Alexa Rank Widget on your sidebar.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Google New reCaptcha - Are you a Robot?

For the last few years, Google's reCAPTCHA has confirmed a user's humanity by compelling one to decipher, nonsensical text that was warped. The system of protecting sites from junk of reCAPTCHA has long set the weight on the consumer to show he isn't a bot that is abusive.

Google set its efforts toward creating an improved user experience because the CAPTCHA puzzles in many cases are infuriating to people and unsuccessful at stopping bots.

This API uses an Advanced Threat Evaluation engine which is really capable of identifying between bots and users. The most effective part is the interface was simplified into a checkbox, a huge improvement over the alphabet soup scramble of Google reCAPTCHA.
Google New reCaptcha - Are you a Robot? is using the new "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" API and, in line with the statement, is supplying users with a more rapid enrollment encounter:

Early adopters, like Snapchat, Humble Bundle WordPress, and many others happen to be seeing great results with this particular new API. In the past week, as an example, more than 60% of WordPress' traffic and much more than 80% of the traffic on reCAPTCHA of Humble Bundle fell upon the No CAPTCHA encounter--users got to these websites quicker.

Several dozen WordPress plugins incorporate Google reCAPTCHA in one means or another to protect websites from bots that are poor. Plugins that incorporate the newest "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" API will enable many users to pass through by just checking a box.

A cursory evaluation of the changelogs on reCAPTCHA plugins that are several reveals that plugin writers haven't yet upgraded their extensions to signal compatibility using the newest API. Given the user experience of the checkbox is not way inferior to letters that are twisted, we are prone to find more programmers take advantage of the new API in the coming days of Google reCAPTCHA.

How to Add Google New reCaptcha

Follow below steps to add google new recaptcha - Are you a Robot to your website:

Step 1

Go to to create Google reCaptcha application.

Step 2

Register your website with your domain details without http: as shown in below picture.
Google New reCaptcha

Step 3

You will get Google site and Secret Key that you can use it on your website.
Are you a Robot

The fast public DNS providers in 2015

Public DNS services may offer advantages on the DNS servers used by Internet Providers. These edges might not be restricted to speed just because you may get added functionality in addition to that.

This might include filtering options, for example to block phishing websites or malicious websites straight away, but also alternatives to avoid nation or network -wide Internet filters.

Access was blocked by iSPs in Spain for instance to The Pirate Bay web site lately on a workaround as well as the DNS level for that was to change into a world-wide DNS service to gain access to the site.

There could be a few other edges. Some ISPs may show custom error pages when lookups fail so that you can bring in additional earnings. In case you would rather find out the error page of the browser when that takes place, you can change DNS suppliers to make sure that.
public DNS providers
Speed might not seem significant in the beginning but since DNS is among the bases of the World Wide Web and used a lot you might have the ability to load resources and web pages quicker and enhance the total experience at the same time.

There's a third variable of significance: solitude. Since the DNS supplier that is chosen processes all of your connections online, you find yourself disclosing advice which you might rather not disclose to some businesses.

That's out of the range of the guide yet. It is best to check the privacy policy of services that you're considering to learn how this is handled by them.

The software employed for the evaluation is a DNS benchmarking system, Namebench. These settings were used in the standard:
  • The top 2000 Alexa sites.
  • Variety of queries: 250
  • Contain DNS suppliers that are international.
  • Contain censorship tests.
  • Health Check Operation: quick
Along with those settings, these suppliers were added to the list of nameservers:
  • Censur Fri DNS:,
  • Comodo Secure DNS:,
  • DNS Watch:,
  • Free DNS:
  • Green Team DNS:,
  • Level 3:,
  • Norton ConnectSafe:,
  • Open Nic:,
  • Safe DNS:,
  • Smart Viper:,
The application includes natively the following suppliers:
  • DNS Advantage:,
  • Dyn DNS:,
  • Google DNS:,
  • Open DNS Home:,
For your personal evaluations, it's wise to add DNS services that are regional at the same time as international providers could not provide access that is quicker than them.

Run your own personal standard on your own computer

It's not difficult to run your personal benchmarking evaluation to locate the most rapid DNS supplier.
  • It's accessible for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Run this system and establish the settings as seen on the screenshot above. Additionally, assess the DNS services alternative that is regional at the same time.
  • Wait for the standard to run its course.
  • The outcomes are shown on a website that was local. There you discover on the best way to establish your system with the DNS suppliers recorded the recommendations of this system. Moreover, notes are giving for websites that seem when using the DNS service to function.
  • Shifting the supplier
There are two core choices as it pertains to DNS suppliers that are altering: it is possible to alter them on individual apparatus or in servers or routers.

They cover all scenarios including computer workstations and house routers, notebooks and cellular devices. Note that should you not choose OpenDNS as your supplier of choice, you should switch IPs.

Friday, April 3, 2015

How Make SEO Friendly URLs with PHP

Among the very fundamental SEO techniques is in using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly URLs constructions. An excellent construction will assist the indexation procedure for your web site, but, sadly, there are a lot of sites that use wrong, URLs that are best. In this short article we have a look in we are able to develop a construction that can help us rank as highly as you possibly can and the different components of a URL.

They may find yourself indexing just a portion of your website 's pages, causing a number of its own content if what they see is mistaking.
SEO Friendly URLs with PHP

Essentially, you had need to:
  1. Let search engines understand which of the pages of your site's needs to be crawled
  2. Produce a map of your website 's construction to tell if a few of your pages may be obtained via multiple URLs.
  3. When the Search Engine Optimization specialist is called in too late within a website 's development procedure, added challenges arise. Within my experience, web developers and SEOs have differing views on what an SEO-friendly URL is.
E.g., from the web designer's point of view, the URL - is entirely normal. While from an SEO's perspective, the next variation would be considerably more purposeful.

Make SEO Friendly URLs with PHP

Follow below codes to Make SEO Friendly URLs with PHP:


Create database with columns id, title, body and url.
body TEXT,

Publish Page

Use following code for publish title text to friendly url format.
function string_limit_words($string, $word_limit)
$words = explode(' ', $string);
return implode(' ', array_slice($words, 0, $word_limit));
//Title to friendly URL conversion
$newtitle=string_limit_words($title, 6); // First 6 words
$urltitle=preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9]/i',' ', $newtitle);
$newurltitle=str_replace(" ","-",$newtitle);
$url=$date.'/'.$newurltitle.'.html'; // Final URL
//Inserting values into my_blog table
mysql_query("insert into blog(title,body,url) values('$title','$body','$url')");
//HTML Part
<form method="post" action="">
<input type="text" name="title"/>
<textarea name="body"></textarea>
<input type="submit" value=" Publish "/>

Article Page

Use article.php for display content from database table:
$url=$url.'.html'; //Friendly URL
$sql=mysql_query("select title,body from blog where url='$url'");
echo '404 Page.';
//HTML Part
echo "<h1>$title</h1><div class='body'>$body</div>";
echo "<h1>404 Page.</h1>";


URL rewriting file.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9-/]+).html$ article.php?url=$1
RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9-/]+).html/$ article.php?url=$1

Database Configuration

Use your database details and add into db.php file for database configuration:
$mysql_hostname = "localhost";
$mysql_user = "username";
$mysql_password = "password";
$mysql_database = "database";
$prefix = "";
$bd = mysql_connect($mysql_hostname, $mysql_user, $mysql_password) or die("Opps some thing went wrong");
mysql_select_db($mysql_database, $bd) or die("Opps some thing went wrong");

Download Script 

Download script and config & upload it on your main directory:

SEO Friendly URLs

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

I'm really going to show you small bit advance of Upload and Resize an Image with PHP now. Imagine should you need to allow users to upload image files than you have to think little bit about server's space and bandwidth and run a web site. For this particular purpose you have to do some optimization with image files. While uploading is one, picture resize. All major web site do it in exactly the same way. If a user uploads a 5mb image file they store on and resize it there server. It helps them reduce there funds and to seed up there website.

Picture cropping/resizing functionality certainly comes in handy if your website allows users to upload photographs. Furthermore, you also allow users to crop specific portions of uploaded picture and can create different variations of the same image.
Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

Please add below scripts for Upload and Resize an Image with PHP
<?php define ("MAX_SIZE","400"); $errors=0;
if($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST") { $image =$_FILES["file"]["name"]; $uploadedfile = $_FILES['file']['tmp_name']; if ($image) { $filename = stripslashes($_FILES['file']['name']); $extension = getExtension($filename); $extension = strtolower($extension); if (($extension != "jpg") && ($extension != "jpeg")
&& ($extension != "png") && ($extension != "gif")) {echo ' Unknown Image extension ';$errors=1; } else{ $size=filesize($_FILES['file']['tmp_name']);
if ($size > MAX_SIZE*1024){ echo "You have exceeded the size limit"; $errors=1;}
if($extension=="jpg" || $extension=="jpeg" ){$uploadedfile = $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'];$src = imagecreatefromjpeg($uploadedfile);}else if($extension=="png"){$uploadedfile = $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'];$src = imagecreatefrompng($uploadedfile);}else {$src = imagecreatefromgif($uploadedfile);}
list($width,$height)=getimagesize($uploadedfile); $newwidth=60;$newheight=($height/$width)*$newwidth;$tmp=imagecreatetruecolor($newwidth,$newheight); $newwidth1=25;$newheight1=($height/$width)*$newwidth1;$tmp1=imagecreatetruecolor($newwidth1,$newheight1); imagecopyresampled($tmp,$src,0,0,0,0,$newwidth,$newheight, $width,$height); imagecopyresampled($tmp1,$src,0,0,0,0,$newwidth1,$newheight1, $width,$height); $filename = "images/". $_FILES['file']['name'];$filename1 = "images/small". $_FILES['file']['name']; imagejpeg($tmp,$filename,100);imagejpeg($tmp1,$filename1,100); imagedestroy($src);imagedestroy($tmp);imagedestroy($tmp1);}}}//If no errors registred, print the success message if(isset($_POST['Submit']) && !$errors) { // mysql_query("update SQL statement "); echo "Image Uploaded Successfully!"; } ?>

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to Login with Google Account OpenID

This post explains you about how to Login with Google account OpenID authentication in PHP.

OpenID is an open standard that describes how users can be authenticated in a manner that is decentralized, allowing users to consolidate their digital identities and eliminating the requirement for services to provide their particular ad hoc systems.

This is only because the OpenId supplier is trusted to have verified all details of the user.
Login with Google Account OpenID
Accepting OpenId login on a site has advantages like :
  1. Quick form-less enrollment for users. Makes user experience. Thus increased enrollment/conversion rates.
  2. Lesser validation of user information like e-mail verification etc.
  3. Faster logins. Users are mainly logged in for their preferred openid suppliers, and so the login happens simply by making a click!
Over here we shall see just how to execute the "Login with Google Account OpenID" attribute to some website using Google's openid supplier.

Login with Google Account OpenID

Following below steps to How to Login with Google Account OpenID:

1. Database

Create database user table columns id, email, oauth_uid, oauth_provider and username.
CREATE TABLE users(id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT,email VARCHAR(70), oauth_uid int(11),oauth_provider VARCHAR(100),username VARCHAR(100) );

2. Database Configuration

Create database and add details of your database in dbconfig.php file as like below:
define('DB_SERVER', 'dbserver');define('DB_USERNAME', 'username');define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password');define('DB_DATABASE', 'database');
define('USERS_TABLE_NAME', 'users_table_name'); //Replace your users table name here$connection = mysql_connect(DB_SERVER, DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD) ordie(mysql_error());$database = mysql_select_db(DB_DATABASE) or die(mysql_error());?>

3. Google Login Config File

Edit login-google.php file that you can find in root directory and replace to your website URL.
define('CALLBACK_URL', '');

4. Index Page Configuration

If you add login on your exiting page than add following code on your index page:
<?phpsession_start();if (isset($_SESSION['id'])) {// Redirect to home page as we are already logged inheader("location: home.php");}if (array_key_exists("login", $_GET)) {$oauth_provider = $_GET['oauth_provider'];if ($oauth_provider == 'google'){header("Location: login-google.php");}}?>//HTML Code<a href="?login&oauth_provider=google">Google Login</a>

5. Home.php Configuration

Name: <?php $_SESSIONS['username'] >Email: <?php $_SESSIONS['email'] >Your are logged in with: <?php $_SESSIONS['oauth_provider'] ><a href="logout.php?logout">Logout</a> from  <?php $_SESSIONS['oauth_provider'] >

Download Script Now

Google Account OpenID

Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Login with Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have become large in the social network world and both networks offering oAuth support. We developed a system for login with Facebook and Twitter. Today internet users not interested to filling the large enrollment forms. This script gives you the capacity to avoid enrollment forms, It Is is easy and really useful to incorporate.

Twitter and Facebook have grown to be big in both networks offering oAuth and the social network world support. If all they must do is login using their present Facebook account visitors will likely be a lot more inclined to become members and participate in your web site.
Login with Facebook and Twitter
It uses OAuth and workflow and the authority URL differs somewhat as described below, although the flow is quite similar.

Login with Facebook and Twitter

Please follow below steps to learn and add Login with Facebook and Twitter on your websites easily:

1. Database

Create new database with users table columns id, email, oauth_uid, oauth_provider and username.
(id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT,email VARCHAR(70), oauth_uid VARCHAR(200),oauth_provider VARCHAR(200),username VARCHAR(100), twitter_oauth_token VARCHAR(200), twitter_oauth_token_secret VARCHAR(200) );

2. Twitter Setup

Create Twitter application from twitter website and replace Twitter Key & Twitter Secret Key in twconfig.php file as shown below code.
<?phpdefine('YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY', 'Twitter Key');define('YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET', 'Twitter Secret Key');?>

3. Facebook Setup

Create Facebook application from facebook website and replace Facebook APP ID & Facebook Secret ID in fbconfig.php file as shown below code.
<?phpdefine('APP_ID', 'Facebook APP ID');define('APP_SECRET', 'Facebook Secret ID');?>

4. Databas Configuration

Add your database details in dbconfig.php file as shown below code:
<?phpdefine('DB_SERVER', 'localhost');define('DB_USERNAME', 'username');define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password');define('DB_DATABASE', 'database');$db = mysqli_connect(DB_SERVER,DB_USERNAME,DB_PASSWORD,DB_DATABASE);?>

5. Twitter Login Config

In your root directory you can see login-twitter.php. Edit this file and replace to your main domain name.
$request_token = $twitteroauth->getRequestToken('');

6. Index Page Config

If you want to add your own index page than you can change your index page with adding below codes in your index page.
<?phpsession_start();if (isset($_SESSION['id'])) {// Redirection to login page twitter or facebookheader("location: home.php");}if (array_key_exists("login", $_GET)) {$oauth_provider = $_GET['oauth_provider'];if ($oauth_provider == 'twitter'){header("Location: login-twitter.php");}else if ($oauth_provider == 'facebook') {header("Location: login-facebook.php");}}?>//HTML Code<a href="?login&oauth_provider=twitter">Twitter_Login</a><a href="?login&oauth_provider=facebook">Facebook_Login</a>
Click below button for  download full code script and extract to edit code to edit on your website for login with facebook and twitter.
facebook and twitter login
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